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Saturday, September 7, 2013

We are growing apart.. arent we?!

With technology advancement.. I have to agree, it connects you with those that are far away from you.. You will be able to know what's going around him/ her through facebook, twitter, whataps..  and so you are thankful that we no longer need to stay connected relying on postman.. because with a click on buttons on your ipad.. or even you phone, you will be able to say "hi" to that someone who is few hundred kilometers away from you..  Yes, I understand how you feel..
But, please allow me to share the following few photos and you tell me.. these few scenarios do not apply to you..

However, with technology advancement, do you realised something .. you tend to stay connected with that someone that is apart from you.. but somehow, you have started to "ignore" those that are around you.. like your family.. your loved ones .. or even those that means alot.. or used to means alot to you. You don believed me? Well, share with me, and please be honest, when you are out dining with your family.. or your loved one, please tell me that you will not take out your phone.. and start playing games, listening to musics.. or even start chatting with others ( whether it is through fb, twitter or whataps.. ) .. Ok.. you might not be doing that.. but do you spend most of your time looking at your phone more than you look at those around you.. and do you spend most of your time.. talking to them rather than your virtual friend? Or maybe, when you reached home, the first thing you do, is not to sit down and talk to those around you.. but rather, you will on your laptop/ phone.. and start to stare at it until you are tired and heads down to bed..

 Yes.. the current trend is.. technology advancement connects you with those far away from you.. but somehow, drives you away from those around you.. Sad.. but true.. Somehow, it feels as though, you are taking those that are around you for granted.. I wonder, one fine day, when those that are around you no longer around you, will you be able to stand straight and say  you have always been there for him/ her and you have no regrets in your life?? I know I wont be able to do that..

So boys and girls, ladies and gentleman.. please, appreciate those that are willing and still do willing to stay around you.. please dont take them for granted.. please prove me wrong and tells me technology advancement does not drives you away from those that are around you.. ..


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