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Sunday, November 29, 2009

How long have you been away from a place called 'home'?

Ya.. I know.. I should be studying or at least doing my assignment.. but I should also not stay away from my blog for way too long right? Else you all might just forget the existence of my blog wo..

For those that know me well.. will noe that I'm currently studying in Taylor University College.. no.. I'm not as rich as you imagine.. the only reason i'm studying there is because I'm under scholarship.. and all thanks to that i get the chance to meet all these bunch of wonderful frens!! However, according to Newton's law , every action has its reaction (surprisingly I still remember physics!! --Mr. Wee, I did not disappoint you le! hahaha). Every opportunity gain will come with something that you have to forgo. -- I need to be away from my home, Melaka. Ya i should also be thankful that I'm not really that far away from home. I know.. but as far as you know.. i wishes to go bck home at least once a week. But, with the work loads.. how can i afford to go back that often!

I used to wish to stay away from home when i was young.. with the hope that.. maybe to some extend.. my parents will not look at every steps I'm taking.. and scold me if it's againsts their will. However, currently.. i'm the one telling them each steps I'm taking.. with the hope that.. they will tell me their point of view of each and every steps i'm about to take. Funny right?? Maybe to some extend, I wish to feel at home even whn I'm far away from home.

When I've been away from home for sometime, at times, I'll dream that I'm at home.. sleeping on my bed.. and when I'm awake and realized it's jz another dream of mine, deep down in my heart.. there's some disappointment .. When I'm way too long away from home.. i'll tend to find foods that are slightly similar to mom's cook. Nothing better than my mom's cook. She knows what i like to eat and my favourate soup.

When I'm away from home for more thn a week.. I'll starts to miss my doggies.. the feeling of hugging my Snowy.. how happy my doggies will be whn they saw i'm bck from KL. How Wolly will manja and want me to hug him and pet him before i can touch on other dogs.. How Poppy will run all the way to give me his "hand hand".. and the super fierce Ranger will actually look at me with his cute eyes.. with the hope that I'll manja him too..

When i'm bck at home.. my dad will purposely come bck early .. although he won't really start to chat wit me.. but he'll sit by the tv.. while I'm facing my laptop.. it's like he's actually accompanying me silently.. waiting me to go to sleep thn only he'll go to sleep..

Home.. there's no place like home.. a shelter that we can have a good rest .. a place where I would say.. heaven.. there's actually a thin line between heaven and hell.. Nothing is always better than something.. whn everything is in peace.. no arguement.. It is heaven because nothing happens.. but whn there's something.. it could be a slight arguement.. that did not ends well.. if you leave it as it's .. it will be ok eventually.. but while it's recovering.. that period.. i will feel it's as though hell.. ..regardless hell or heaven.. it's my home.. a place I can ever ignore.. How long have I been away from my home? I would say.. I'm never away from it.. physically.. maybe ya.. but it stays in my heart.. always.. So, How long have you been away from a place called HOME ??

Monday, November 23, 2009

Krispy Kreme anyone??!!

I know most of you would have heard of Big Apple or J.Co donuts, but have have you heard of Krispy Kreme??

As far as I know those that have been to Europe country .. places like .. Melbourne would have know Krispy Kreme as it has been these for sometime.. but as far as Malaysia is concern, it has only been in Malaysia for.. less than a year.. the last time I've checked, it's about half a years old in Malaysia. Ya.. it has been kinda new in Malaysia... and so.. it's reasonable for you not to know such delicious doughnut!!

I was lucky enough to have the chance to meet up with the senior operating manager. Let me tell you.. he is really a nice guy.. no. .he didn't pay me to say anything.. unless you would say a cup of orange juice and a New York Cheese cake is viewed as a sign of bribery.. but come on.. I don't really think it's material enough to actually affect my judgment..

Let me get back ot the point.. the donuts.. yes.. it's not really that cheap.. but let's talk after you have actually tasted it.. it is worth the money!! Well, I've tasted J.Co donuts few months back.. and I can't really recall what it impressed me of (I don't really have an impressive memory you see).. but Krispy Kreme's donuts.. emmm.. once you have a taste of it.. you will not actually feel like eating those normal RM1 donuts d..

Let the pictures do the talking ok?!

Well, I know for some people this original doughnut might be slightly sweet.. yes.. I know.. but this is a really special doughnut.. they used melted sugar as the topping.. and once you have a bit on it.. it's crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside. Try to have a bite of it if you really have yet to taste it.. I actually wonder how they came up with this idea.. it will cost you about rm19.90 if you buy a dozen.. but I was lucky enough to have it free.. because there is someone who went through all the trouble .. being the first 100 to line up at the Sunway Krispy Kreme branch on the first day they operate and got the voucher of 1 month free original doughnut!!

These are the few with special toppings on it.. if you really think the original is way too sweet.. unacceptably sweet.. I would suggest you to try this few topping.. especially the one in purple, pink and red.. these few.. according to Mr. Peter ( the Senior Operating Manager) , it had been improved lately to make it less sweet.. and from the feedback i got from others.. it's less sweet and really nice.. so you gals and guys should try it out!!

Well.. see the one that I've circled in red? It's one of my favorite doughnut the New York Cheese!.. how should I describe it..emmm.. I can't find a word to describe it.. it's not too sweet.. and not tasteless.. there are cream in the doughnut.. what else?? emmm.. try to have a taste of it.. and you will know what i meant.. haha..

I know that currently they are having 3 branches in Malaysia. If you wish to get freshly baked doughnuts, the Times Square should be your choice because it's their factory outlet. The other 2 are Mid Valley and Sunway outlets. I heard that they will be opening another outlet not long from now.. and as what I've heard from Mr. Peter, he said that around Xmas session, they will have some cute pattern of doughnuts especially for Xmas.. I'm curious how it'll look like..let's see if I'm lucky enough get photos of them and share it with you guys!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

SHE - 我爱你 @ I Love You

I used to love this song very much.. but it had been awhile since i saw this video.. Tis is a story about a great love.. so great that.. I don really think it's true.. love is about how much you want the other party to be happy.. regardless of what decision the other made..

Risk management is what a hot topic to be discuss lately.. but for your info.. as long as you are living.. you are dealing with risk. Risk of falling in love with the wrong person.. Risk of falling out of love..but through tis video.. what i can say is.. the gal is really lucky to have 2 wonderful men that will stand by her regardless of wat..

Try listen and see.. if ever you can do tis for the one you love..

Friday, November 6, 2009

What a day..

Yes.. I know it's been ages since I last update my blog.. Sorry.. but i have tomes of work, assigments.. In the same time, I have classes frm 8-6pm. Though it's not on everyday basis.. but with the "well-developed" public transport in Malaysia, most of the time whn I reach how will be around 6-7pm which I will be so darn tired. so, please do bare with me k?

Back to the topic.. I have not been having the brightest days of my life lately. I know well that rainy day is actually a very nice day to sleep but imagine this : I have to wait at the bus stop for the bus to stop and "pick me up". Rainy day is not a good day. It will takes ages for the bus to come.. and worst still..after I've waited for so so long.. I was delighted to see a bus.. with an umbrella and heavy rain, I walked ( or i should say run) to the bus and whn i was few steps away from the bus, it drove off.. Yes .. I meant it whn i said IT DROVE OFF !! leaving me under the rain.. and i was partially wet because it was a heavy rain! What a day right? .. and I thought my bad days are coming to an end... and so I thought..

Today early in the morning as early as 3++AM.. my uncle (which I have never seen before) knocked on my door.. For those that don't know me, i'm currently living with my aunt in Subang as my college is few hours away frm Melaka. .. and for the past 2 years, I never see my uncle (my aunt's husband) as he is hardly in town, and whn he is in town, i'm not in KL... let's go back to the topic. He knocked my door.. and I woke up in shock.. thinking that it might be an emergency that my cousins knocked my door.. I opened the door, and to my suprised ,I was a guy wearing nothing but a pant.. and ask me " Do you know me? Lokk closely.. and see if you know me??" and i was struggling to open my eyes.. I was trying my best to be awake.. and was like "wat the hack ? who the hell are you?".. my cousin answered " He is aunt's husband... "

My goodness!! You woke me up just to ask me do I know you?? NO I DON'T KNOW YOU~~and i hope I won't have to get to know you!! So don't ever wake me up for nothing!! I need my sleep!! hahaa.. but I was awake enoguh to know these words can never coem out from my mouth.. else.. I'll be kicked out of the house for good.. I just node my head.. and closed (locked) my door and went bck to sleep...

come to think of that.. it seems dangerous to open my door to a total stranger.. and he was drunk at that time.. but he was liek very happy to wake me up just to see me and let me see who the hell he is. But come on.. you don't have a brain?? it was 3++ in the morning.. and I was having my sleep! After he woke me up.. I can't really sleep d.. until about 5++.. all thanks to him..

So.. I do have some day right?? wat a day.. let's just hope that all these will come to an end.. soon..


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