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Monday, November 23, 2009

Krispy Kreme anyone??!!

I know most of you would have heard of Big Apple or J.Co donuts, but have have you heard of Krispy Kreme??

As far as I know those that have been to Europe country .. places like .. Melbourne would have know Krispy Kreme as it has been these for sometime.. but as far as Malaysia is concern, it has only been in Malaysia for.. less than a year.. the last time I've checked, it's about half a years old in Malaysia. Ya.. it has been kinda new in Malaysia... and so.. it's reasonable for you not to know such delicious doughnut!!

I was lucky enough to have the chance to meet up with the senior operating manager. Let me tell you.. he is really a nice guy.. no. .he didn't pay me to say anything.. unless you would say a cup of orange juice and a New York Cheese cake is viewed as a sign of bribery.. but come on.. I don't really think it's material enough to actually affect my judgment..

Let me get back ot the point.. the donuts.. yes.. it's not really that cheap.. but let's talk after you have actually tasted it.. it is worth the money!! Well, I've tasted J.Co donuts few months back.. and I can't really recall what it impressed me of (I don't really have an impressive memory you see).. but Krispy Kreme's donuts.. emmm.. once you have a taste of it.. you will not actually feel like eating those normal RM1 donuts d..

Let the pictures do the talking ok?!

Well, I know for some people this original doughnut might be slightly sweet.. yes.. I know.. but this is a really special doughnut.. they used melted sugar as the topping.. and once you have a bit on it.. it's crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside. Try to have a bite of it if you really have yet to taste it.. I actually wonder how they came up with this idea.. it will cost you about rm19.90 if you buy a dozen.. but I was lucky enough to have it free.. because there is someone who went through all the trouble .. being the first 100 to line up at the Sunway Krispy Kreme branch on the first day they operate and got the voucher of 1 month free original doughnut!!

These are the few with special toppings on it.. if you really think the original is way too sweet.. unacceptably sweet.. I would suggest you to try this few topping.. especially the one in purple, pink and red.. these few.. according to Mr. Peter ( the Senior Operating Manager) , it had been improved lately to make it less sweet.. and from the feedback i got from others.. it's less sweet and really nice.. so you gals and guys should try it out!!

Well.. see the one that I've circled in red? It's one of my favorite doughnut the New York Cheese!.. how should I describe it..emmm.. I can't find a word to describe it.. it's not too sweet.. and not tasteless.. there are cream in the doughnut.. what else?? emmm.. try to have a taste of it.. and you will know what i meant.. haha..

I know that currently they are having 3 branches in Malaysia. If you wish to get freshly baked doughnuts, the Times Square should be your choice because it's their factory outlet. The other 2 are Mid Valley and Sunway outlets. I heard that they will be opening another outlet not long from now.. and as what I've heard from Mr. Peter, he said that around Xmas session, they will have some cute pattern of doughnuts especially for Xmas.. I'm curious how it'll look like..let's see if I'm lucky enough get photos of them and share it with you guys!!

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