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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Heaven or hell.. your call..

They say EQ is equally important .. or maybe much more important than IQ.. somehow, I have to agree with this saying.. why? .. Well, you imagine.. a land that is build with much love.. where every single piece of the land.. you worked hard to make sure it looks lovely.. and nice.. you build it with love, time, care.. and it is finally as lovely and as heavenly as you can imagine..

However, when a tornado landed.. and there is no other way that you can avoid it.. regardless of how much you tried to care for this tornado.. or even tried to stop it.. somehow.. it ruins every single piece of the land that you worked so hard to build it.. yes.. it comes and it goes.. it might be there fore .. less than an hour.. .. but the ripple effect of the tornado.. it will take days, months or even years to repair every single piece of the puzzle.. and even if it can be repaired.. do you possibly think.. it will still look like how it used to be ?? Well, I know it sounds horrible.. but, really, to you, i mean, what does words means right? But, do step back and think.. the ripple effect of that.. it will not fade away that easily wouldn't it..

有人说过, 沉默是金。。 是。。 至少沉默可以把伤害减为最低。。
有人说。。 脾气像是龙卷风,它来得快,去得也快。。 可,它所造成的伤害却不能用逗留的时间来衡量。。 是与否。。 就由您决定。。 


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