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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Heaven or hell.. your call..

They say EQ is equally important .. or maybe much more important than IQ.. somehow, I have to agree with this saying.. why? .. Well, you imagine.. a land that is build with much love.. where every single piece of the land.. you worked hard to make sure it looks lovely.. and nice.. you build it with love, time, care.. and it is finally as lovely and as heavenly as you can imagine..

However, when a tornado landed.. and there is no other way that you can avoid it.. regardless of how much you tried to care for this tornado.. or even tried to stop it.. somehow.. it ruins every single piece of the land that you worked so hard to build it.. yes.. it comes and it goes.. it might be there fore .. less than an hour.. .. but the ripple effect of the tornado.. it will take days, months or even years to repair every single piece of the puzzle.. and even if it can be repaired.. do you possibly think.. it will still look like how it used to be ?? Well, I know it sounds horrible.. but, really, to you, i mean, what does words means right? But, do step back and think.. the ripple effect of that.. it will not fade away that easily wouldn't it..

有人说过, 沉默是金。。 是。。 至少沉默可以把伤害减为最低。。
有人说。。 脾气像是龙卷风,它来得快,去得也快。。 可,它所造成的伤害却不能用逗留的时间来衡量。。 是与否。。 就由您决定。。 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

We are growing apart.. arent we?!

With technology advancement.. I have to agree, it connects you with those that are far away from you.. You will be able to know what's going around him/ her through facebook, twitter, whataps..  and so you are thankful that we no longer need to stay connected relying on postman.. because with a click on buttons on your ipad.. or even you phone, you will be able to say "hi" to that someone who is few hundred kilometers away from you..  Yes, I understand how you feel..
But, please allow me to share the following few photos and you tell me.. these few scenarios do not apply to you..

However, with technology advancement, do you realised something .. you tend to stay connected with that someone that is apart from you.. but somehow, you have started to "ignore" those that are around you.. like your family.. your loved ones .. or even those that means alot.. or used to means alot to you. You don believed me? Well, share with me, and please be honest, when you are out dining with your family.. or your loved one, please tell me that you will not take out your phone.. and start playing games, listening to musics.. or even start chatting with others ( whether it is through fb, twitter or whataps.. ) .. Ok.. you might not be doing that.. but do you spend most of your time looking at your phone more than you look at those around you.. and do you spend most of your time.. talking to them rather than your virtual friend? Or maybe, when you reached home, the first thing you do, is not to sit down and talk to those around you.. but rather, you will on your laptop/ phone.. and start to stare at it until you are tired and heads down to bed..

 Yes.. the current trend is.. technology advancement connects you with those far away from you.. but somehow, drives you away from those around you.. Sad.. but true.. Somehow, it feels as though, you are taking those that are around you for granted.. I wonder, one fine day, when those that are around you no longer around you, will you be able to stand straight and say  you have always been there for him/ her and you have no regrets in your life?? I know I wont be able to do that..

So boys and girls, ladies and gentleman.. please, appreciate those that are willing and still do willing to stay around you.. please dont take them for granted.. please prove me wrong and tells me technology advancement does not drives you away from those that are around you.. ..

Thursday, August 8, 2013

沉默是。。 金??

这样的沉默。。这样的。。 自由。。 是否是你梦寐以求的呢? 如果是,那,或许。。放手不完全错了吧。。

或许你我真的尝试过,或许正如某人所说的“ 有些人在他人犹豫时,您会拼命的证明他人是错了。。可当一切不是个挑战时,你就会开始觉得乏味而开始松手了。。 ” 可悲。。 但,却又万分的实在。。

珍惜这多年的时光。。 可,等待的过程却是万般的煎熬。。 或许不曾等待的你。。 不会明了。。 这,我理解。。 可有时这用这煎熬换来的却是一场又一场的失望。。 或许,我确实还存有些期待所以换来的是种我不被重视的感觉。。 有种我不在您标榜上的感觉。。 或许又是我的缺乏安全感惹的祸。。可。。让我们好好地想想吧。。 这些年里,真正相处的时间。。 或许只有少于十分一的时间。。 在这段日子里, 煎熬的日子是不是多余快乐的呢? 那, 如果是, 那,请您放过我。。 也放过自己吧。。 这或许不会是错的做法。。 因为,我真的开始累了。。 我,没有力气为自己辩驳,没力气吵。。 只有一方面的听。。 尚若你可以看看我。。 仔细的观察。。 或许,你会看见我眼里的伤害。。 从我的回应察觉“累”。。 可,这只能成为单方面的“如果”。。

我,沉默不是默认,不是认同。。 这是种忍痛的方式,这是种自我折磨的方式。。 这是,我疗伤的方式。。 因为,我尝试让情绪沉淀。。 这或许是我开始放手的方式。。

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Story of its own..

Yes.. if you are a song lover.. you will realized.. deep down inside.. there is a song that belongs to you.. and somehow.. there is a story behind the song..

Somehow, when I am left alone.. tones of memories will flash back.. and some of the songs will somehow bring back long lost memory.. How could I forgot this particular memory of mine.. and I started to google.. with the hope that that particular news that my friend sent to me few years back was just a stupid joke.. and I can somehow see his happy photos.. Deep down inside.. I know the chances to even get a photo of him.. is as good as nil..

Yeah.. I wished back then.. technology is as advanced as now. However, all the memories.. can only be stored in my memory.. which I failed to recall most of it.. I remembered I read it somewhere that stated this " Memory will fade.. you might not remember what happened, but you will somehow remember the feelings.. " So true.. I can't recall what had happened.. but the bitterness.. somehow.. kills me from within..

有人说, 善忘的人或许会忘了事与故。。 但,却会记得当下的感受。。 或许, 从前的我尽了力去忘记所有和他有关的事。。 当我终于做到了,却莫名的好想记得一切。。 如此的矛盾。。 模糊的记忆只记得我带给您的伤害。。只记得您因为我而远离了伤心地。。可那段时间你却还不忘在特别的日子里在转送您的祝福。。 只是后来发生了什么。。 我真的不晓得什么事与物将您永远的带上了天国。。 我只记得,曾近有个您成了我生命中的过客,人说“生命无常”。。 在还能珍惜当下时。。 请好好珍惜!!您可真的不知何时您会丧失了“下次” 的机会。。

Saturday, July 27, 2013

时间。。 永远。。 不留人。。

时间,永远都是关键。。 不要告诉我。。 时间,不重要。。 重要的事感觉?? 那,有任何人能确保,感觉永远都处于保鲜期。。它永远都不会过期吗? 太早或太晚。。永远都不对。。

时间,可以冲淡伤感,也可以冲淡感情。。 它也能让您看清自己。。 时间,让我看清他人。。 只可惜。。 我却无法了解自己。。 如果我永远把他人看得比我重要。。 那,谁会重视我呢? 谁会为我着想呢?

时间一秒一秒的过。。 已有一年我荒废了这部落格。。 这一年里,我几乎没了自我? 我喜欢些什么。。 我几乎都记不起了。。 多么的讽刺。。 如果我说这段时间里。。 我的世界是绕着他人的转。。是时候我醒醒了~!因为他人是不会为你停留。。或许时间开始让我清醒。。 我是时候找回自我了~!


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