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Monday, October 19, 2009

It matters how you gonna finish...

I'm so darn stress with the assignments on hand.. just by trying to choose an appropriate topic already driving me crazy.. I guess I just have no clue as to what I should go for.. tat's the reason I'm stress out here.. I seriously need some motivation!! and i start out wit this video my lecturer show me half a year ago.. and I have to share it with you guys.. hope it helped you.. as much as it help me..

" No matter how many times you fall down.. you just gonna keep trying.. because it matters how you gonna finish..

Are you gonna finish strong? .. you will find the strength to get back up !

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank you..

Thank you.. It is such a short word.. yet.. I don always hear it.. the truth is, even to ur parents.. your family members.. you might not see the need to say I'm sorry or Thank you.. but.. the fact is, they might need to hear it..

I was so stress lately.. with all the workload.. and assignments that is on hand..yes.. at that moment when i suggest to apply for a broadband, I know my family will reject because it don seems to be a "need" item.. but I really do need it for my work.. and so.. I insisted to go for one.. I know I'm not from a wealthy family.. that every cents that I spends.. I actually have to think twice before I spend it.. but that doesn't mean they are not reasonable..

Today, I give my mom a call a tell her I've applied.. and the decision of me not going back home town.. and this prove me right.. parents, they are reasonable.. they just have to listen to your explanation of things.. if it makes sense to them.. they'll understand. at least my parents will.. and so.. I need to thank my family members.. for being understanding.. and supporting me..

And to all my friends.. I also wish to thank you for being such an understanding friend.. I know at times I'm not really in good mood.. or I might have offend you in some way.. and if i did.. I'm sorry.. I never intend to do so.. but I'm still glad to have you as my fren..

For the one that stay by me through the ups and downs of my life.. Thanks alot for accepting who I'm.. I know you have seen the worst of me.. yet.. I'm really thankful that you still stay by me.. Thanks alot !!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Guys that gal desired for.. but..

I got this email not long ago.. and I find tis very much true.. but the fact is.. most of the time.. the guys are more of the A type.. maybe because most of the B type guys are married? .. or guys.. i got things the wrong way?


两种老公 两种人生



















他:你对身边的每个人都很友善。很无私。对人对生活总是很感恩。一个人有一颗善良的心。会让周围的人感觉到温暖。你是我见过最善良的女孩儿。伤害你的人都应该下地 狱!



Two types of Hubby, two types of life..

A: She :" Dear, help me get a cup of water pls?"
He :" Let's play a game to decide .. who loses take k?"
She:" Forget about it.. I'll take it on my own.. "

B: They are watching Korean series. She stood up and he questions her : Where are you going to ?" " I need a cup of water" she answered.
He : " Sit down.. I'll get it for u !"

How many of we gal are lucky to get the B guy? Actually, the only things gal desired for from a guy is to care for her. You can have nothing.. as long as u cared for her.. she will have the courage to hand the rest of her life to u..

A : He just finished wrk and he give her a call " Dear, I will be having dinner wit my friends tonight."
She :" You promised to accompany me shopping.. remembered?"
He :" We can always do so some other day !"
and in the end.. she cried silently.. wondering why every time things end in tis way..

B: He finished wrk and give her a call " Darling, someone gave me a ticket to watch my favorite team on action..awhile more I'll watch my Spain football team d k?!"
She:" a? oh.. ok lo thn.. "
He : " Why are you sound unhappy?"
She:" You've forgotten.. Last week my fren and her bf agreed to treat us dinner today.. "
He:" oh ya! Totally forget about tis.. Sorry. In this case, I'll give the ticket away. I'll accompany u k?!
She:" Nevermind, we can always have it someother day.. or you can just watch it first.. we'll wait for u.. "
He:" No.. I've promise you and I'll go by my promise. In fact, leave you alone wit them .. you'll feel like their sportlight, you'll feel uncomfortable"
She: " It's ok and... "

He didn't wait for her reply and insisted for her to get ready as he will be bck soon to pick her up.

The fact is, women.. actually they are not stupid or ignorance. Just that, she need to get a guy tat are matured.

A: He :" I'll be going out for dinner"
She :" What time will you be bck ?"
He :" For sure will be bck by 9"
Nine thirty , She :" Why you are still not bck at home?"
He:" By ten, I'll be bck !"
11pm, 12am, 1am, 2pm..
.. and she stoped calling.. because she knows the fact that.. a guy that doesn't keep his promise.. all his " for sure and comfirmed.." are uncretain.

B: He :" I'll be out for dinner, by 9.30 I'll be bck.. thn we go for movie k?"
She: " You sure everything will end so soon?"
He:" Don't worry, I'll keep my promise!"
Almost 9pm and he called :" Get ready k ? I'll depart now and get u for the movie !

Trust, is build on every small incidents..

A: During her "inconvinience period" , she's not feeling very well, yet, she bre the pain to wash clothes.. tidy up the house.. and he is facing the pc.. playing on9 games..
When she's done with all the wrk.. resting on the bed.. with a long sign..
He turn and look at her for one moment :" Dear.. thx alot!".. and cont wit his game.

B: During her "inconvinience period",she's suffering.. yet she woke up.. preparing to wash clothes..
He stops her insisting her to rest.. as he will do for her.
She:" U know how to do all these? "
He :" I don't have a clue.. but I can learn.. Next time when you are not feeling well of course I need to do all these !"

Woman need not just sweet talks.. with the sweet talks, she might just give you a warm smile. but with a real care.. she will be grateful her whole life. and she will repay you by giving you a warm house.

A: She bring a pack of nuts for him.. and she went off to wash clothes.. When she's bck, he finished most of the nuts..

B: She bring a pack of nuts for him.. and she went off to tidy up the room.. Whn she is bck, she saw a plate of "ready to be eaten" nuts in front of the pc.

Woman are very emotional. She will brag to others how understanding you are as though she brag about diamonds.. It is just like a trade, if you are willing to give in some time and care, you will get priceless wealth.


A: He :" You are the best.."
She asked: "Tell me how good am i "
He :" Well educated, Pretty.. and you are nice to me.. "
She smiled.

B: He:"
You are the best gal I've ever seen".
She :" Tell me how good am I"
He :" You are nice to everyone , very kind.. appreciate everything in your life.. The one with the a kind heart will make people around you feel warm.. and you are kindest of all that I've ever met. Those that hurt you will for sure be sentenced to hell !"
She cried..

When you are nice to someone, this someone will think that you are a nice person.
When someone understand how good you are, he (she) will want to be nice to you.


So far, how many of you being categorized as type A .. let me guess.. most of you are A instead of B? ..


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