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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank you..

Thank you.. It is such a short word.. yet.. I don always hear it.. the truth is, even to ur parents.. your family members.. you might not see the need to say I'm sorry or Thank you.. but.. the fact is, they might need to hear it..

I was so stress lately.. with all the workload.. and assignments that is on hand..yes.. at that moment when i suggest to apply for a broadband, I know my family will reject because it don seems to be a "need" item.. but I really do need it for my work.. and so.. I insisted to go for one.. I know I'm not from a wealthy family.. that every cents that I spends.. I actually have to think twice before I spend it.. but that doesn't mean they are not reasonable..

Today, I give my mom a call a tell her I've applied.. and the decision of me not going back home town.. and this prove me right.. parents, they are reasonable.. they just have to listen to your explanation of things.. if it makes sense to them.. they'll understand. at least my parents will.. and so.. I need to thank my family members.. for being understanding.. and supporting me..

And to all my friends.. I also wish to thank you for being such an understanding friend.. I know at times I'm not really in good mood.. or I might have offend you in some way.. and if i did.. I'm sorry.. I never intend to do so.. but I'm still glad to have you as my fren..

For the one that stay by me through the ups and downs of my life.. Thanks alot for accepting who I'm.. I know you have seen the worst of me.. yet.. I'm really thankful that you still stay by me.. Thanks alot !!

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