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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Interviews.. anyone?

Ya.. I am done with my degree.. and have been hunting for jobs.. since.. let me see.. April? and I am proud to say that.. I am done hunting for job!!

I am glad that I did not give up half way through when I have been rejected by others.. but it is a process I know I have to go through to know where I stand and to grow up.. I have been through interviews with commercial sectors.. with the big 4.. and even with the big MNC.. and even local companies.. and I have sum up those experiences in this posts.. with the hope that.. you all can gain something out of this..

First and for most.. there will be a test.. to test on your level of thinking ( mathematically, your maturity and how do you handle or act on certain situations)and of most of the case.. English plays an important role.. because you will need to deal with your superiors.. and customers.. and even to communicate with others.. hence.. most cases.. you will be asked to go through a written test. For companies such as PWC and IBM.. you need to go through the assessment in order for you to go for the interview.. hence.. do well in the assessment to gain the chance to impress your interviewers.. Companies such as Genting and KPMG.. well.. you will get the chance to go for the interview once after you have completed the assessment.

Ok.. let's assume you have gone through the assessment and get the chance to talk to the interviewers.. I realised that.. it is crucial for them to know that you are clear of what you want.. as they need to know that you are keen of the job.. and will be worth for them to "invest" the time, effort and $$ in you.. however, it is also important to show to them that you are confidence..I realised.. most of the interviews.. they don really ask technical questions.. most of them will ask you personal questions such as " how will you deal with situations like this and that.. how do you rank yourself when compared to others.. and stuff".. mostly.. you can find the interviews questions in the internet.. but my advise would be.. never say something that show them that you are way too good.. or over confident.. and in the same time, never say bad things about another company or about others.. this will only show how unprofessional of u.. all of these.. i think are crucial.. and essential..

I do hope I manage to help you all.. if there is any questions you would like to ask related to this.. please do feel free to ask.. I will try my very best to help out..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday celebration..

I am pretty sure that most people will try to make a big fuss out of this day.. i mean.. come on.. this is the day you were born.. and the day you enter into this world.. with one thing on ur mind - you wish to make a different out of this world? ok.. maybe not such huge thing.. but deep down inside.. somehow.. you still wish for this right?

My birthday? ok.. since.. i can't remember when.. I stopped reminding others about this day.. and with the hope that.. somehow.. others will not remember.. because to me.. it is just another normal day.. nothing special about this day.. and maybe because of so.. since then.. somehow.. my family members somehow forgotten about this day.. Well, I don't really blame them.. they have a a lot things on their mind.. hence, this year.. only around dinner.. somehow my youngest sister remembered and reminded everyone.. there is no cake .. no candle.. no birthday song.. just a slice of cake from my best friend - Wen Min. I guess.. this is why I didn't get the chance to make a wish.. but if I were given the chance to make one.. I hope that they will know what I am going through.. I am not afraid of getting hurt.. but I wish to walk my way out of my life.. maybe someway along the line.. I will get hurt.. I will fall down.. but at least.. this is my walk.. and I will suffer my own consequences.. What that I see.. might not be what you saw.. and we might not see things eye to eye.. but.. I have my own thoughts.. my own mindset.. which.. maybe not many will understand.. but this is who I am..

Too bad.. I have missed out my chance to make such a wish this year.. haih.. but I don mind if anyone of you willing to "donate" a cake for me.. hahaha.. so.. any volunteers?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Way back into time..

Gosh.. if it is not because of my sister.. I guess I won't go back to my secondary school and somehow.. all the sweet memories flash back..

I remembered when I was a student.. I was also a prefect.. well respected one? well, I will not put it that way.. but the different part is.. I don't use the "power" given to me for personal reason.. I tried to listen to others.. and tried to find my way out.. I remembered when I was still a secondary student.. I used to think that it would be nice if I can by pass all the exams.. I like learning new things.. but well.. it is never fair to compare who is the best of the best solely based on exams performance.. because.. I was never on the sport light.. I was active .. was in the so called " best class in whole form".. but I was never the best.. well.. I guess when I was young.. I realised that my greatest enemy was none other than-- myself.. but.. maybe.. starting from now, I need to change my perception on things.. I still need to challenge myself.. but.. it should never stop there.. I was never a well-known student even when in my degree program.. because I choose not to be high profile.. Ya.. I have to admit.. I like to stay status quo.. remaining in my comfort zone and not willing to make the first step. All of these.. got to stop now!! I know very well that I can make it through if I am willing to make the first step and keep on trying..I might fail even after I tried my very best but I know very well that.. if I stop trying.. things will come to an end.. and all the hard work will not worth a single thing.. I have come this far.. it is just few more steps away from reaching my dream.. just a few more steps..


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