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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Way back into time..

Gosh.. if it is not because of my sister.. I guess I won't go back to my secondary school and somehow.. all the sweet memories flash back..

I remembered when I was a student.. I was also a prefect.. well respected one? well, I will not put it that way.. but the different part is.. I don't use the "power" given to me for personal reason.. I tried to listen to others.. and tried to find my way out.. I remembered when I was still a secondary student.. I used to think that it would be nice if I can by pass all the exams.. I like learning new things.. but well.. it is never fair to compare who is the best of the best solely based on exams performance.. because.. I was never on the sport light.. I was active .. was in the so called " best class in whole form".. but I was never the best.. well.. I guess when I was young.. I realised that my greatest enemy was none other than-- myself.. but.. maybe.. starting from now, I need to change my perception on things.. I still need to challenge myself.. but.. it should never stop there.. I was never a well-known student even when in my degree program.. because I choose not to be high profile.. Ya.. I have to admit.. I like to stay status quo.. remaining in my comfort zone and not willing to make the first step. All of these.. got to stop now!! I know very well that I can make it through if I am willing to make the first step and keep on trying..I might fail even after I tried my very best but I know very well that.. if I stop trying.. things will come to an end.. and all the hard work will not worth a single thing.. I have come this far.. it is just few more steps away from reaching my dream.. just a few more steps..

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