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Monday, September 28, 2009

Thoughts of the day..

Got this email long time ago.. and I somehow.. agree with wat's written.. maybe you guys should think about it and let me know wat's on ur mind?

1) 没有一百分的另一半,只有五十分的两个人
There is no 100% from this someone, only 50% from 2 person..

2) 付出真心才会得到真心却也可能伤得彻底 ; 保持距离就能保护自己却也注定永远寂寞
In order to get one's heart, you have to give yours away..but there's a risk of getting your heart back.. in a broken form ; Distance yourself will protect you.. but you'll be destined to be lonely..

3) 通常愿意留下来跟你争吵的才是真正爱你的
Those who are willing to stay with you after a fight are those who really do love you..

4) 有时并非对方不在乎你,而是你把对方看得太重
At times, it is not that this someone does not care for you.. but it is you that weight him (her) too "heavily".

5) 冷漠,有时并非无情而是种避免被伤害的工具
Coldness, at times, are not impersonate but a tool to avoid broken heart..

6) 如果我们之间有1000步的距离,你只要跨出第一步,我就会朝你方向走其余的999步
If there's a 1000 steps separated us, if you are willing to make the first step, I will make the rest 999 steps..

7) 为你难过得快乐的是敌人;为你快乐的快乐的是朋友;而为你难过而难过的就是那些该放进心里的人
Those who are happy when you are down are your enemy; those who are delighted when you are happy are your friends ; Those who are sad when you are down.. are those that you should keep in your heart..

8) 就算是BELIEVE中也藏了一个LIE
Even LIE hide between BELIEVE

9) 真正的好朋友并不是在一起就无所不聊而是在一起`就算不说话也不会感到尴尬
True friends are not those who discuss about everything but those who do not weird even when they are together and speak nothing..

10) 朋友就是被你看透了还能喜欢你的人
Friends are those who know you very very well.. still able to like you for who you are..

and I would like to add few more..

11) The only unchangeable is change itself.. whether it is for the best or the worst.. we would still have to accept the fact that we are changing.. and so do our environment.. our feelings.. and thoughts..

12) When you feel like the world is "shutting down" on you.. high chances are.. you are shutting down yourself towards the world..

So.. agree with me ? or anything other things to add on to?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where are the good old days??

Somehow.. I suddenly missed the good old days where.. I was still young.. too young to even know wat does money meant to our life.. so young that we only know the meaning of love.. and happy ending.. and will never know wat is meant by hurt.. until we fall down and hit our head.. but few min later.. we will still stand up.. and continue to enjoy the joy of life.. Where are the good old days?

When I was young.. I hope to grow old.. to understand what to meant to live in this world.. though I'm still in the process of figuring it out.. I learn that it is hard to find happy ending.. and that.. the meaning of hurt.. does not mean bleeding.. and that bring hurt physically.. sometimes.. might be less "hurt" .. How can it be so difficult to know something that seems so easy to be understood?

I used to think that my grandma is a real good person.. though she don't really know who I'm.. or wat I'm currently studying (yet she knows all other grand children condition and even their name).. what else can I said beside.. maybe.. I'm not so impressive for ppl to remember me.. or at least. for her to know me by my name.. but.. it is not a big deal.. it taught me day.. I will be someone.. so that.. I will not be anybody any more..

I missed the days where I was worry- free where I can do wat i like all day long.. there were the days I can cycle all day long with my brother and explore the "taman" around us.. find out how beautiful our nature is.. and how much fun we had with people around us.. look at where we are now.. will you actually feel safe cycle around with no companion ? I mean.. if you are a boy.. maybe you will not worry so much.. but if you are a girl.. you will be afraid of kidnappers.. rapers.. where are the good old days?

I missed my frens where we organised events together.. and the hard work we have been through just to make things look perfect on the day of the event.. I missed having the yam cha session.. and look around us now.. we are far apart.. with all different courses we pursuing.. I guess we will be further apart on our journey of life.. but I hope the good old days will forever remain in our heart.. and the good old memories had made us a better person..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trolley Thief!!

I've been working in Cosway for sometime.. and the change of concepts frm close concept to open concept.. so far.. I don really think it is fair and a total good idea for this shop of mine.. things have been going missing.. obviously there are thieves going in and out of the shop. but we can do nothing about it.. If you have been to this cosway at Tesco.. you will know the crowd.. and the number of ppl during peak hours.. I don even have the time to sit down for hours.. seriously!!.. how on earth do I have the chance to observe ppl around me right?

Anyway, 2 days ago, there was this one nice customer of mine.. I was serving her.. and she seems to be really nice..and it is just like a normal customer with naughty kid(named as Kak A).. and so, I don't really give a damn.. I mean.. I was so darn tired.. and was hoping for a chance to sit down for just 5 min.. few min after tis customer with this naughty kid went away.. I heard this Malay customer (Kak B) shouting " Where is my trolley?!".. and I was like.. SHIT!.. here we go again..

THis is not the first time this happened.. there was once a customer came in my shop and when he went out.. he found his trolley LOST.. and he bought about 300++ .. but my boss was smart enough to get it back for him.. because she saw one old lady took it after she confirmed that it was hers.. and we thought this won happened again.. but we were wrong!!

Out of our expectation.. this time it was a kid! and we managed to trace the whole process through our CCTV!.. and so.. our "supervisor" managed to trace tis nice customer , Kak A.. and to our suprise.. she told us that no such thing happened.. because she owned 2 ikan bakar shops.. and so.. there is no need for her to steal ppl's stuffs.. and so on.. we can do nothing ..

Today, my boss tried to give Kak A a call again.. and somehow.. the customer came back today.. claiming that she managed to asked her son.. and her about 10 years old kid was the one moving the Kak B's trolley to another place.. which caused the Kak B to lost her stuff.. and Kak A is nice enough to come back and willing to pay back her lost..

This story tells me something: I should never assume all mankind (mostly Malays are thieves.. which I did.. I thought the kid was asked by his parents to do bad.. and I'm truly sorry for thinking so.. to be honest.. I thought the Kak A will never enter this shop ever again and Kak B will never get back her money or ever find out that is our customers that stole her stuff...) To all Malays that read my post.. I'm truly sorry for thinking so.. though some Malays are having some bad habits.. but it is my bad for assuming all..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm sorry...

I came across this email not very long ago.. one touching article and I decided to translate it to English.. just that..I don't have a perfect English.. so.. bare with me ok ?! This is a story about I'm sorry..

——纯纯的“对不起” 。


—— “对不起”的快乐 。


—— “对不起”也是一种承诺。


—— “对不起”,谎言的开始。


—— “对不起”,只是个敷衍的方式。


—— 这样的“对不起”太伤人。


“ 我始终没有勇气再见到你,可能是我太懦弱,也或许是我根本不想见到你,我想这些『警告:注意文明用语!』应该过的没什么两样吧,我很好,我学会了离开你怎么让自己存活,我懂得了怎样赚钱养活自己,而不用每天等着你回家,为你烧一桌热腾腾的饭菜,直到凉了也不见你的人,我的手机已经不用了,因为我已经不会再为你24小时的不关机,让自己饱受辐射的折磨。我懂得怎样去爱惜自己,珍惜自己的本来应该美好的生活。我想,我是可以忘记怎么去爱你的,因为你把我的爱弄得遍地麟伤。


—— 原来“对不起”也可以是种结束。




This boy and Gal known each other since young, the boy also date the gal out to the pond near the village to catch prawn..The boy will be able to catch all the prawn but the gal will go back home empty handed.. She will go back alone.. look sad.. with both eyes watery.. Before dinner..there will be a knock on her house’s door.. when she saw him.. she will tend to run.. and he will catch up with her.. tell her “I’m sorry, I’ve caught all your prawns..But now.. I put them in an aquarium for you ..” She smiled happily.. this is their process of childhood.. In a blink of eyes.. both of them grew up..

--- An innocent “ I’m sorry”

The boy will always disturb her.. caused her to feel like crying.. thn make her happy all over again.. even till both of them are grownup..
He will always release the air of her bicycle’s tyre thn hide at the corner far away.. look at her nervous expression.. wait for her call.. thn run to her and let her scold his act.. Yet, he still like her very much. He will silently carry her bike .. though she is scolding him.. he still feel happy.. thn tell her “I know is my bad.. I’m sorry..” She will thn go soft and tell him never to repeat this act again.. you can see happiness in both their eyes..

--A Happy “I’m sorry”

After graduation, both of them managed to get job, he is always busy with his work, at times he didn’t get a day off for a month. And she will get angry at him for not giving her his time. Finally, they had their first fight. She cried sadly, yet he doesn’t seems to be on the weak side and said “I’m doing all these because of my job!” This cold fight extended for sometime.. Finally, she can stand no more and went to find him. After this, both of them had a lot of fights because of small stuff.. Yet, she will always be the one to step one step back.
That year, during her birthday, he promised to give her a romantic birthday, she is waiting anxiously, putting all her best dress and makeup.. waiting for him..and this wait lasted until midnight.. when she woke up, her face covered with tears.. he wiped off her tears.. feeling heartbroken and said “ I’m sorry, marry me please?” and he handed her a ring..

--A promise to “I’m sorry”

After their marriage , his carer became stable follow by tones of meeting up with clients after office hours.. and she became a professional house wife. She will prepare all the dishes for him daily, clean the house and buy some prawn to put in the aquarium daily.. and he will wonder why she buy the prawn, she will only answer with a smile..
With the pass of time, he will always go back home with different perfume on his body.. Without waiting for her to question, he will explain that he is way too busy to meet up with different clients after office hour. She realised.. yet she remain silence. Since then, she doesn’t like to talk.. not as “happy go lucky” as she used to be, she preferred to stay at home most of the time, hug her pillow when she watch Korean movies.. and cried while she watch it.. late at night, she will cry out loud. At the later days, when he comes home, there is only one perfume on his body, she never asked, yet he will still tell her “ I’m sorry, today had to meet up with clients after office hour.”
--“I’m sorry”, Lies begin..

He started not going back home, or always had out station.. With his high post, there are tones of people around him, and he will smile proudly when they congratulate him. She, on the other hand, hardly steps out of the house, she will only go to supermarket and buy all the necessities, and locked herself in the house. This lasted for some time. She used to call him and chat, and now, she will be alone, with no one beside her. Every time when she called and ask him what time he will come back, he will answer reluctantly “I’m sorry, I’m way too busy”. She will put down the phone sadly. After this incident, she never asked him what time he will be back.

--“I’m sorry” is just another way not to answer questions asked.

She began to make up.. thinking that he's not home because he is tired of seeing the "old" her.. She decided not to make herself look like an aunt.. She should fights for her happiness.. without knowing wat is meant by gave up!

That day she went to his office.. the first time she steps to his office.. she felt bit weird to enter the place that he always claimed to be busy wrking at. She looked closely at every corner of the office.. To her, the place really does look nice. Finally, she saw his office, she opened his door silently.. and she was shocked.. the guy in his eyes.. is not his husband.. and is not the guy tat always spoil her bike.. definitely not the guy that put prawns in the small aquarium.. but is a guy making love to another gal.. She was on the table.. making "noise" and the guy is like a hungry beast..

After a long while.. he realized the gal was there.. he panicked.. picked up his attire but she left.. he was chasing her..That particular night is a raining night. She did not bother his call.. trying her very best to run as fast and as far as possible.. He cried out loud " I'm sorry.. I still love you... I'm sorry.. I really love you alone.. ".. yet, she doesn't seems to hear that..

---A "I'm sorry" that hurts ..

He tried to look for her.. but she seems to gone by the wind..He is lost.. no mood to wrk or even find other gals.. he can't seems to think of other places that she can go to.. because she had no other frens.. he is her only frens.. he stayed by his phone 24/7.. feared that she might called.. and he waited for more than half a year..

One day, there's a delivery for him- a box. He opened it anxiously and saw a lot of sample prawns resting on the leaves, hiding among the grass.. and there lies a letter for him.

" In the end, I can't find any more courage to see you once again.. I guess I'm way too coward.. or maybe I don't feel like seeing you any more.. I guess the sign of "Beware of your words" now will make no different to you anymore.. I'm doing great here. Learning a life without you around.. I learn how to earn money on my own without waiting for your return every single night.. cooking all those dishes for you and waited until it turn cold and still .. your shadow are no where to be seen.. my hand phone are no longer useful to me.. because I don't need it anymore.. as I don't have to on it 24/7.. waiting for your calls.. and tortured myself with all the radiations. I've learn how to love myself.. how to appreciate the wonderful life I supposed to be living in.. I guess.. I've forgot how to love you.. because you've made me hurt way to deep..

Our divorce agreement is on the table.. below the aquarium.. after you've signed it.. mail it to me according to the address will do.. I'm sorry.. I guess I'm really way too tired.. "

According to the address, he went to search for the gal.. he was certain that he will meet her and get her forgiveness, telling her that he can't live without her.. To his surprised, it was her dad that answered the door.. and she was standing behind her dad(which is actually her photo).

Her dad told him, after she wrote the letter to him, she committed suicide- jumped down from building and there were blood all over it..

--A "sorry" can also means the end of everything..

Moral of the story: Everyone will have their chance to meet the one that will really appreciate us. Please appreciate wat this one do.. Though a sorry seems very magical.. yet, not all "I'm sorry" can be followed by "It's ok...".. Never let your beloved one regret loving you.. Never say "I'm sorry" when you don't meant it at all.. Never said I'm sorry for nothing..


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