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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where are the good old days??

Somehow.. I suddenly missed the good old days where.. I was still young.. too young to even know wat does money meant to our life.. so young that we only know the meaning of love.. and happy ending.. and will never know wat is meant by hurt.. until we fall down and hit our head.. but few min later.. we will still stand up.. and continue to enjoy the joy of life.. Where are the good old days?

When I was young.. I hope to grow old.. to understand what to meant to live in this world.. though I'm still in the process of figuring it out.. I learn that it is hard to find happy ending.. and that.. the meaning of hurt.. does not mean bleeding.. and that bring hurt physically.. sometimes.. might be less "hurt" .. How can it be so difficult to know something that seems so easy to be understood?

I used to think that my grandma is a real good person.. though she don't really know who I'm.. or wat I'm currently studying (yet she knows all other grand children condition and even their name).. what else can I said beside.. maybe.. I'm not so impressive for ppl to remember me.. or at least. for her to know me by my name.. but.. it is not a big deal.. it taught me day.. I will be someone.. so that.. I will not be anybody any more..

I missed the days where I was worry- free where I can do wat i like all day long.. there were the days I can cycle all day long with my brother and explore the "taman" around us.. find out how beautiful our nature is.. and how much fun we had with people around us.. look at where we are now.. will you actually feel safe cycle around with no companion ? I mean.. if you are a boy.. maybe you will not worry so much.. but if you are a girl.. you will be afraid of kidnappers.. rapers.. where are the good old days?

I missed my frens where we organised events together.. and the hard work we have been through just to make things look perfect on the day of the event.. I missed having the yam cha session.. and look around us now.. we are far apart.. with all different courses we pursuing.. I guess we will be further apart on our journey of life.. but I hope the good old days will forever remain in our heart.. and the good old memories had made us a better person..

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