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Monday, September 28, 2009

Thoughts of the day..

Got this email long time ago.. and I somehow.. agree with wat's written.. maybe you guys should think about it and let me know wat's on ur mind?

1) 没有一百分的另一半,只有五十分的两个人
There is no 100% from this someone, only 50% from 2 person..

2) 付出真心才会得到真心却也可能伤得彻底 ; 保持距离就能保护自己却也注定永远寂寞
In order to get one's heart, you have to give yours away..but there's a risk of getting your heart back.. in a broken form ; Distance yourself will protect you.. but you'll be destined to be lonely..

3) 通常愿意留下来跟你争吵的才是真正爱你的
Those who are willing to stay with you after a fight are those who really do love you..

4) 有时并非对方不在乎你,而是你把对方看得太重
At times, it is not that this someone does not care for you.. but it is you that weight him (her) too "heavily".

5) 冷漠,有时并非无情而是种避免被伤害的工具
Coldness, at times, are not impersonate but a tool to avoid broken heart..

6) 如果我们之间有1000步的距离,你只要跨出第一步,我就会朝你方向走其余的999步
If there's a 1000 steps separated us, if you are willing to make the first step, I will make the rest 999 steps..

7) 为你难过得快乐的是敌人;为你快乐的快乐的是朋友;而为你难过而难过的就是那些该放进心里的人
Those who are happy when you are down are your enemy; those who are delighted when you are happy are your friends ; Those who are sad when you are down.. are those that you should keep in your heart..

8) 就算是BELIEVE中也藏了一个LIE
Even LIE hide between BELIEVE

9) 真正的好朋友并不是在一起就无所不聊而是在一起`就算不说话也不会感到尴尬
True friends are not those who discuss about everything but those who do not weird even when they are together and speak nothing..

10) 朋友就是被你看透了还能喜欢你的人
Friends are those who know you very very well.. still able to like you for who you are..

and I would like to add few more..

11) The only unchangeable is change itself.. whether it is for the best or the worst.. we would still have to accept the fact that we are changing.. and so do our environment.. our feelings.. and thoughts..

12) When you feel like the world is "shutting down" on you.. high chances are.. you are shutting down yourself towards the world..

So.. agree with me ? or anything other things to add on to?

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