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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Endless Story - Yuna Ito

This is a nice song that I gurss most of you heard before.. there are 3 version of this song, this is the original version.. follow by English version ( If I'm not in Love With you) and finally chinese version (sang by Janice - 阴天假期). Well, none is as good as this original version.. at least that's what I think.. and you guys should really watch this movie (Nana). It is a story of 2 gals who happen to have the same name (Nana) but having 2 totally different characterrisctic but yet able to be best fren.. I hope you guys will enjoy this song. I know this MV is not of its best quality.. but I still post it on.. bec It contain chinese subtitle which you guys can acutally understand it (not that i don't wan post english subtitle.. I couldn't find one.. so.. bare with me k) I hope you guys will enjoy this as much as i enjoyed it.. and.. Thanks for your time.. please do continue to support me !!

First Love - Utada

Wonderful song right ? I love this song.. Ya.. First Love will alway be bitter sweet right? I remembered i actually cried when I heard this song when I was kinda down long ago.. Well, one thing for sure.. Utada.. she is one owesome singer.. although it had been years since she first sang this song.. but i'm sure you guys actually heard and remembered this song too right? if you never heard of it.. thn I definately recommand you to listen.. and look at the translated english lyrics.. Enjoy k..

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Wa.. this type of topic to discuss.. but this does not mean i'm betraying k !! but.. i'm still curious.. what is really defined as betrayal? I know.. generally, betrayal is known as.. well.. you are with someone.. and yet.. be with another person right? complicated? well, tell me about it.. but really.. what is betrayal?

If, you are with someone.. that can hardly be with you.. or.. even if you are with him or her.. you somehow, still feel "empty".. and in the same time, there is someone who can always make time for you.. and even if you are sad.. regardless of whether is because of another opposite gender's problem.. he or she is always there for you.. is this another sign of betrayal? but, how can this is betrayal when the one suppose to be with you are not able to make it for you? just like when he or she is busy.. busy until can't reply your 1 sms and telling you he or she is bz.. what more accompany for you?? wel..this type of betrayal.. if it is really call as betrayal.. then, you are betrayed by time.. can you really blame another party for being "betrayed" because you can hardly assign time for him or her? can you? The bare truth are.. if you can hardly assign time even for yourself.. why make both party suffer by being with someone (that you can hardly spent time with and also make yourself suffered with even less time with)?

Betrayal, is one tittle that no one wish to be entitled.. but one's feeling can not be betrayed too right? when you are feeling that someone is drifting further and further apart.. how can you not know it and try to comfort yourself with the thought that " no worry, tomorrow will be a better day"? you are betraying your feeling right? I'm here.. not to define betrayal.. but i'm just trying very hard not to betray my feeling.. maybe you guys can share with me.. your thoughts of betrayal ?

Friday, May 22, 2009

记得- 张惠妹

“两个相爱的人,, 如果有了相反的梦,分开后,能记得什么?是相遇时的惊心动魄?是相爱时的甜美时光?是争执时的锥心刺股,还是分手时的最后祝福?”。。

"Remember", this is the direct translation of this song.. what do you remember when you have walk towards the end of a journey.. and you are about to cross to the other side of the path? who will u remember? and what will you remember? will you remember the tears, sorrow or happiness throughout the journey? or? .. well.. i love this song.. and let's just listen to the song.. who will do the talking.. how can i not love this song.. when it actually sing out out of what that can touched me so so deeply?

真实- 张惠妹

What is real ad and is not? Something I have been questioning for a long long time.. but, what I've learn is.. the feeling tells a lot.. no no.. not your feeling.. what I'm saying is.. my feeling.. if you keep telling me how much you adore me.. and i failed to feel it.. to me, you are jz another liar regardless of how true it is.. same applies.. if ever you tell me how much u love to be with me and how much you wan to be wit me.. and i failed to feel so, it is so far, not true to me.. even though I'm trying very hard trying to persuade myself.. this is me.. you will never know i'm crying.. until i actually say so.. and when I'm laughing.. i can actually feel sad deep in side.. this is me.. the real me.. ya.. to me tears and lonely seem so much more real than so call happiness.. and this song.. is all what it is about.. real.. hahaha.. so, how real am I? why don't you tell me? and what is the true love when you actually feel so pain within that you somehow forgotten what is the true feelin of love? wel.. what is love? this is the definition by Amei..which.. to some degree.. i actually agree..

傻瓜 - 温岚

Ya.. this is another sad song I love very much.. alway remind me not to be the fool that they are referring to but the bare truth is.. you will not know when you are in it.. and when you realised it.. you are already being known as 傻瓜.. right? .. but you know what.. Landy is a good singer.. I love her songs..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fool Again - Westlife

Good old song.. will never actually expired right? .. Well, I'm not that old actually.. but I realised quality songs will never be categorised as old right?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sorry Seems To Be Hardest Word -Elton John

At times, I know sorry seems to be the hardest word.. and yet. .at times it is all that is needed.. but guys.. and gals, bare in mind that.. although there is a magic behind the "sorry".. if it is used too often.. it will not be magical anymore. .and it will become an excuse to whatever that you do or say.. so.. let's remain it as magical as possible k? btw, I'm sorry if I have offended anyone of you.. I seriously never intend to do so.. I dedicate this nice song to you guys and gal out there k !

Like a rose - A1

I know this is not the exact MV.. but i can't find any.. so.. this is the best i can get.. this remind me of something.. someone used to tell me..

This pink rose represent first love.. which is very much sweet ..

This.. white rose.. represent.. emmm.. I don't really remember.. but I remember he asked me to ask from the guy that I would want to spend my life which.. hahaha. .as if I know who I'll ultimately be with.. hahaha

This my fren, represent what most gal would desired for.. red rose.. I don't really know what it mean.. but I know i got it.. twice.. once during mother's day ( no no.. i'm not a so called mother yet k .. but.. a guy gav it to me.. and I guess I got it because that time my school was selling red rose.. and that's the only chance he can buy and gave to me.. ) and 2nd time was .. when i was hospitalised.. and this guy that likes me, bought a bouquet of 12 roses and gave to me.. sweet right? hahaha.. If you ever visit my blog.. thanks alot !!

Well, What i want to say is.. rose as in flowers will dry off one day.. then why people actually want to represent love with rose which is even more vulnerable to the temperature changes and the condition around it? because love itself is hard to maintained and to hold on to ? Well, that is what worth thinking for right?

Still, I would like to dedicate the this rose to those who visited my blog nd show support.. this next rose will not dry off.. and will forever remain in some where high up above..

Monday, May 18, 2009

小酒窩 - 林俊傑 + 阿 SA

Well.. I know.. my blog seems to be kinda dull.. and sad.. and so..well.. this is another nice song (which is not a sad song- sweet and cute).. i hope you guys like it..

情歌 - 梁靜茹

Actually.. currently.. I'm busy with my finals.. and so.. might nto be able to update any post until end of this week.. however, I'll still try to put some nice songs k? This is another nice song.. and I like Fish Leong.. hahaha.. hope you guys enjoy thn..

Sunday, May 17, 2009


"I shall wait till the correct time..".. ya.. this is one of the most common words to be said.. and heard.. but.. the truth is.. when is the correct time? or is it just another excuse to hold back you thought or action so much so that you are waiting for your courage to pass by? or is it just another form of coward that you wish to show in a proper and acceptable way?

I know I know..I also said that.. but the bare truth is.. I'm not as strong as it seems to be.. and deep in side.. i admit.. I'm actually.. a coward.. I'm afraid of change.. afraid of unknown.. and so.. I'm afraid of waiting.. because .. with the pass of time.. things will change.. and ultimately.. It will change from something seems to familiar to something that is equally strange and unfamiliar..

So, when is the correct timing? How do you know it is " The time" if you did not take the chance and bare with the risk ? or do you actually have to strategise your move so that you ultimately will "success"? Are you taking life as a proposal or a report that you need to list down "1.0) purpose.. 2.0) strategy...5.0) conclusion.."? Even a project you will have to face the risk of failing.. what more life? ya ya.. i know.. to make a project success.. time is another factor.. because? you need to get hold of the time and be the first to strive right? what about your life? if you choose to hold back.. you are letting time pass by you.. ultimately.. you might just be another person that will say.. "If only I know.. I would have.. , or I should have ... but.. " Well, this is life.. bare with the consequences of your decision.. your decision to wait.. and try not to blame anyone around you for what ever that happen.. because you know.. your decision affect you.. but what you might not know is, your decision affect others too.. and so.. try not to blame the people around for what ever that happen.. because ultimately, you are the one deciding your life.. your choice.. and when a decision is made.. bare with the consequences of there might not be room for regret.. this is life.. right???

Question of the day: Do you still choose to wait for the right timing to arrive ??

我不是你想象的勇敢 - 梁文音

I LOVE this song.. very much ... it is what i which to say actually..

妥协 - 蔡依林

I seem to like this song a lot.. and so.. i decided to share it with everyone.. hope you guys like it too..

Friday, May 15, 2009

原来爱情这么伤 - 梁咏琪

Logic Vs...

Have you ever wonder.. things around you.. or maybe when someone tell you something.. it just don't seems logic.. yet.. you didn't confront them.. or try to make it sound logic.. right after that.. you will start to wonder.. 'why didn't you make things clear?".. does it because you are actually afraid of the truth.. or you are trying not to invade others' privacy.. or is it because.. you know Wat is happening and just trying not to make things even harder for them? So, what kind of logic I'm referring to when I myself can't even make a logic out of what I'm saying here? well, maybe I'm not as logic as i think.. and I'm just trying to make my "reasoning" seems logic.. or is it because we human are never a predictable being? The day before.. it'll just seems like every other normal day.. and 'pops".. everything changes within 24 hours or maybe even less.. and you will have to get use to the new situation all over again..

The truth is, life, is ever fair for everyone.. if, you define fair as things going the way you want it to.. because.. this will always be a selfish thought that might seems logic to you alone.. When things doesn't seems logical.. most of the time, I'll choose not to further my investigations.. because.. i don't see the need to do so.. if you choose to lie.. it's your choice of dealing with things.. I choose to face the truth and go on with life.. because.. I'm scare of lies.. as it'll bring more lies after lies.. and at the end of the day, I'll start to wonder which are lies and which are Wat is defined as truth.

So, you have a choice of life : to lie with logic or to be true to yourself and the people around you. So, what you choose to be??? You don't have to answer to me.. just answer to yourself..

Wrong Vs ...

I start to question myself.. did i do anything wrong? but, why do i feel so wrong when i did nothing wrong? or izit .. because I was wrong even from the start? anyone out there.. can you answer me?

Maybe at some point, I should stop question.. why .. and why did i did wrong this and that.. maybe my question should be.. did I did anything correct? Well, the truth is, when you did something which is not correct.. doesn't really make you wrong.. it is just.. not correct.. but not a confirmed wrong?? But, when you did something wrong.. it's something that is confirmed not correct.. right? It is just like.. emmm.. when you bring a gal out.. even when you have someone in your life.. does it make you wrong? it is subjective.. but as long as that someone in your life know and agree to it.. it should not be wrong right? However, if you bring some gal out without informing her.. it does make thing sound.. not correct right?But does it entirely wrong? it is again.. subjective..

When I'm feeling wrong now.. I will actually try to see if i'm doing the correc thing or not right? but.. I don feel correct in either way.. should i be selfish? or should i just be the "understanding one" and continue to even feel emo and sad.. and yet pretend as though i don't give a damn to everything? but, by doing either way.. i don feel correct.. if i be the selfish one.. I might feel bit better.. but seeing the people around me.. I'll feel wrong.. being the "understanding one", people around will feel better.. but, i don't.. or maybe .. i will eventually get use to everything.. and still start to feel numb all over again??

What kinda questions am i posting here? hahaha.. but ultimately, I'm a human being.. one with emotion and feeling.. I'm might look strong.. but am I really so? something to think over before i sleep.. hahaha..


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