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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Like a rose - A1

I know this is not the exact MV.. but i can't find any.. so.. this is the best i can get.. this remind me of something.. someone used to tell me..

This pink rose represent first love.. which is very much sweet ..

This.. white rose.. represent.. emmm.. I don't really remember.. but I remember he asked me to ask from the guy that I would want to spend my life which.. hahaha. .as if I know who I'll ultimately be with.. hahaha

This my fren, represent what most gal would desired for.. red rose.. I don't really know what it mean.. but I know i got it.. twice.. once during mother's day ( no no.. i'm not a so called mother yet k .. but.. a guy gav it to me.. and I guess I got it because that time my school was selling red rose.. and that's the only chance he can buy and gave to me.. ) and 2nd time was .. when i was hospitalised.. and this guy that likes me, bought a bouquet of 12 roses and gave to me.. sweet right? hahaha.. If you ever visit my blog.. thanks alot !!

Well, What i want to say is.. rose as in flowers will dry off one day.. then why people actually want to represent love with rose which is even more vulnerable to the temperature changes and the condition around it? because love itself is hard to maintained and to hold on to ? Well, that is what worth thinking for right?

Still, I would like to dedicate the this rose to those who visited my blog nd show support.. this next rose will not dry off.. and will forever remain in some where high up above..


  1. Despite all the saying about roses, have you ever wonder why i still put my display photo a rose? well, look closer.. it is a "frozen rose".. rose that grow in the snow.. that's miracle.. and.. as wat others once call me.. "ice lady".. hahaha.. how "ice" am i ? hahaha

  2. yo hoo, coming to read ur blog support support abit hahah

  3. oi this time can post comment de, got improvement oh, not bad, not bad haha

  4. Well we do learn from our mistakes right? at least i do.. well you too improve d wo.. actually post a comment d.. hahaha.. thanks alot for your time and do continue to support me k ?!



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