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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Wa.. this type of topic to discuss.. but this does not mean i'm betraying k !! but.. i'm still curious.. what is really defined as betrayal? I know.. generally, betrayal is known as.. well.. you are with someone.. and yet.. be with another person right? complicated? well, tell me about it.. but really.. what is betrayal?

If, you are with someone.. that can hardly be with you.. or.. even if you are with him or her.. you somehow, still feel "empty".. and in the same time, there is someone who can always make time for you.. and even if you are sad.. regardless of whether is because of another opposite gender's problem.. he or she is always there for you.. is this another sign of betrayal? but, how can this is betrayal when the one suppose to be with you are not able to make it for you? just like when he or she is busy.. busy until can't reply your 1 sms and telling you he or she is bz.. what more accompany for you?? wel..this type of betrayal.. if it is really call as betrayal.. then, you are betrayed by time.. can you really blame another party for being "betrayed" because you can hardly assign time for him or her? can you? The bare truth are.. if you can hardly assign time even for yourself.. why make both party suffer by being with someone (that you can hardly spent time with and also make yourself suffered with even less time with)?

Betrayal, is one tittle that no one wish to be entitled.. but one's feeling can not be betrayed too right? when you are feeling that someone is drifting further and further apart.. how can you not know it and try to comfort yourself with the thought that " no worry, tomorrow will be a better day"? you are betraying your feeling right? I'm here.. not to define betrayal.. but i'm just trying very hard not to betray my feeling.. maybe you guys can share with me.. your thoughts of betrayal ?


  1. I have this kind of feeling before, felt like being betrayed is harsh...we just have to make things clear 1st before the situation got even worst.
    One shall confront the issue to him/her rather trying to guessing wat's playing n his/her mind alone at the corner. is miserable. So, just talk!
    Well, communication skill is important too. Choose the right time, place, tools, and most importantly - the attitude.
    Just bear in mind that - Dont let the grass grow under ur feet. Dont be regret while u got no chance to say it, or he/she dont even bother to hear it from u.
    Haha, just my humble point of view.
    Thx yian sin

  2. Well...betrayal is hapenned not only between couples, but friends as well...I hate people betraying me just because i always treat others with true and good faith...Soon Kong was right, attitude is important among human being, especially constructing a relationship.


  3. Well, the funny part is. if you are with someone that hardly have time for you.. and in the same time, you have someone that is very close with you.. do you considered that as betrayal?

  4. emm...ok,lets see my situation here.I think almost all of u know that i am having "long-distance" relationship, yet we still survive from it. What a prank! Well, this is the matter of "attitude" as i have mentioned before. U see, people will get lonely feeling when his/her closest partner is not beside him/her, yet he/she will try to have another friend that can rather spend some time to be together with u.

    So the problem come when he/she has "sudden fell in feeling" to his/her friend. Normally, people tend to have another relationship afterward and give up the past.

    Well, the problem didn't happen between me n shyan, not because we are lucky, but also the attitude we have hold all the time. I have plenty chances to flirt with other girls in KL since she is almost 80% out from my life style (HAHA), yet i still holding our relationship tie.It is the same thing that can happen on shyan u know...

    I can barely understand what r u facing now, yet i not think so i should interrupt your personal living and i respect every single decision u have made, but i think u should have make a massive decision. Well, it might be pain on choosing, but it can make u more easy in your life if u can make the decision soon...

    GOD BLESS U!!!

  5. well well......情侣之间应该互相谅解,彼此沟通。如果连与对方好好坐下来彼此分享的时间都没有,那两方都需好好检讨,找出最合宜的方式。吃醋是人的本性,但要小心,不要打破醋潭,否则一翻两瞪眼。小弟认为还是必须彼此坦诚,个人所面对的问题。这样可以避免被蒙在鼓里而干跺脚。感情是需要付出的,有时也需要作适当的让步。

  6. See.. am I lucky or wat.. i actually have so so so many people that care for me. .and despite having busy day.. you guys still assign time for me.. thakns alot..

    Vincent : Ya.. I know attitude is extremely important in a relationship.. and I also know there are tones of temptation in our life that might just drift us apart from what we intented to do.. but.. what actually important is.. we actually need to know that that someone is worth us to hold on to.. and worth our time and energy to do so.. and how can we be sure of that is that someone did not give some time to you right? wel.. by the end of the day.. we actually need to feel that we are "recognised"right?

    Soon Kong: Yes.. communication is the most important skill in what ever kind of relationship.. we are born not knowing what others actually have in mind.. and so.. if ever i misunderstood anything.. just let me know where i did wrong so that history will not repeat itself right?

    Gah Hung: Well, I agreed.. and that's another reason i also be frank to everyone around me regardless of what others will take me as.. you know.. what's the hardest part in a relationship? it is to be understanding.. bec you know deep down inside that.. you will not befine with it.. but you have to consider everything and by the end of the day.. you "have" to be understand eventhough you know that you will not be ok wit it..

    IZ: Welcome to my blog.. are you who i think you are?

  7. 感情不是为了拥有什么而存在

  8. 当然身为人的我们应该为自己所做的负责

  9. Maybe you can really be the noble one and stay because u wish to stay.. but i guess not everyone can do so.. maybe i can't really do so.. I'm not implying that someone is betraying.. or i'm betraying someone.. but I believe every action has a reaction.. and I know clearly that I will not forgive betrayal..regardless of any type of betrayal..and so.. I will not be the one committing it.. at least i will try not to



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