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Friday, May 22, 2009

记得- 张惠妹

“两个相爱的人,, 如果有了相反的梦,分开后,能记得什么?是相遇时的惊心动魄?是相爱时的甜美时光?是争执时的锥心刺股,还是分手时的最后祝福?”。。

"Remember", this is the direct translation of this song.. what do you remember when you have walk towards the end of a journey.. and you are about to cross to the other side of the path? who will u remember? and what will you remember? will you remember the tears, sorrow or happiness throughout the journey? or? .. well.. i love this song.. and let's just listen to the song.. who will do the talking.. how can i not love this song.. when it actually sing out out of what that can touched me so so deeply?


  1. why all so sad one...did u experience all this before?

  2. Anonymous : Thanks for visiting my blog.. wel.. i won say i actually experience this .. but.. wa.. why you ask until so.. i really dunno how to answer .. hahaha.. anyway.. if you don mind, why don you leave ur name down?



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