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Friday, May 15, 2009

Logic Vs...

Have you ever wonder.. things around you.. or maybe when someone tell you something.. it just don't seems logic.. yet.. you didn't confront them.. or try to make it sound logic.. right after that.. you will start to wonder.. 'why didn't you make things clear?".. does it because you are actually afraid of the truth.. or you are trying not to invade others' privacy.. or is it because.. you know Wat is happening and just trying not to make things even harder for them? So, what kind of logic I'm referring to when I myself can't even make a logic out of what I'm saying here? well, maybe I'm not as logic as i think.. and I'm just trying to make my "reasoning" seems logic.. or is it because we human are never a predictable being? The day before.. it'll just seems like every other normal day.. and 'pops".. everything changes within 24 hours or maybe even less.. and you will have to get use to the new situation all over again..

The truth is, life, is ever fair for everyone.. if, you define fair as things going the way you want it to.. because.. this will always be a selfish thought that might seems logic to you alone.. When things doesn't seems logical.. most of the time, I'll choose not to further my investigations.. because.. i don't see the need to do so.. if you choose to lie.. it's your choice of dealing with things.. I choose to face the truth and go on with life.. because.. I'm scare of lies.. as it'll bring more lies after lies.. and at the end of the day, I'll start to wonder which are lies and which are Wat is defined as truth.

So, you have a choice of life : to lie with logic or to be true to yourself and the people around you. So, what you choose to be??? You don't have to answer to me.. just answer to yourself..


  1. haha,sister yian sin o,no wonder ppl wanna ask you y u so sad,haha,it really sad thing,anyway,take care and dontthink negative ya,i will always support u 1

  2. Haha.. does it actually sounded sad? ok.. well.. it is just another thing that we normally face in life right? just that... i put in in words.. while others choose to bare with it.. right?



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