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Friday, May 22, 2009

真实- 张惠妹

What is real ad and is not? Something I have been questioning for a long long time.. but, what I've learn is.. the feeling tells a lot.. no no.. not your feeling.. what I'm saying is.. my feeling.. if you keep telling me how much you adore me.. and i failed to feel it.. to me, you are jz another liar regardless of how true it is.. same applies.. if ever you tell me how much u love to be with me and how much you wan to be wit me.. and i failed to feel so, it is so far, not true to me.. even though I'm trying very hard trying to persuade myself.. this is me.. you will never know i'm crying.. until i actually say so.. and when I'm laughing.. i can actually feel sad deep in side.. this is me.. the real me.. ya.. to me tears and lonely seem so much more real than so call happiness.. and this song.. is all what it is about.. real.. hahaha.. so, how real am I? why don't you tell me? and what is the true love when you actually feel so pain within that you somehow forgotten what is the true feelin of love? wel.. what is love? this is the definition by Amei..which.. to some degree.. i actually agree..

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