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Friday, May 15, 2009

Wrong Vs ...

I start to question myself.. did i do anything wrong? but, why do i feel so wrong when i did nothing wrong? or izit .. because I was wrong even from the start? anyone out there.. can you answer me?

Maybe at some point, I should stop question.. why .. and why did i did wrong this and that.. maybe my question should be.. did I did anything correct? Well, the truth is, when you did something which is not correct.. doesn't really make you wrong.. it is just.. not correct.. but not a confirmed wrong?? But, when you did something wrong.. it's something that is confirmed not correct.. right? It is just like.. emmm.. when you bring a gal out.. even when you have someone in your life.. does it make you wrong? it is subjective.. but as long as that someone in your life know and agree to it.. it should not be wrong right? However, if you bring some gal out without informing her.. it does make thing sound.. not correct right?But does it entirely wrong? it is again.. subjective..

When I'm feeling wrong now.. I will actually try to see if i'm doing the correc thing or not right? but.. I don feel correct in either way.. should i be selfish? or should i just be the "understanding one" and continue to even feel emo and sad.. and yet pretend as though i don't give a damn to everything? but, by doing either way.. i don feel correct.. if i be the selfish one.. I might feel bit better.. but seeing the people around me.. I'll feel wrong.. being the "understanding one", people around will feel better.. but, i don't.. or maybe .. i will eventually get use to everything.. and still start to feel numb all over again??

What kinda questions am i posting here? hahaha.. but ultimately, I'm a human being.. one with emotion and feeling.. I'm might look strong.. but am I really so? something to think over before i sleep.. hahaha..


  1. Hi there Yian Sin,

    We all feel that way at times. We make decisions daily and we'll never know whats the outcome of the path not taken. Things may look 'bad' at times but it could have been worse. So we just need to be strong and keep moving on.

  2. Well.. i understand that.. truly I do, but, at times, when you are at that point of time, you will just.. somehow.. feel lost.. and how can you be sure what is what?

  3. Just follow your heart =) Or get a 2nd opinion from those close to you.



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