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Sunday, May 17, 2009


"I shall wait till the correct time..".. ya.. this is one of the most common words to be said.. and heard.. but.. the truth is.. when is the correct time? or is it just another excuse to hold back you thought or action so much so that you are waiting for your courage to pass by? or is it just another form of coward that you wish to show in a proper and acceptable way?

I know I know..I also said that.. but the bare truth is.. I'm not as strong as it seems to be.. and deep in side.. i admit.. I'm actually.. a coward.. I'm afraid of change.. afraid of unknown.. and so.. I'm afraid of waiting.. because .. with the pass of time.. things will change.. and ultimately.. It will change from something seems to familiar to something that is equally strange and unfamiliar..

So, when is the correct timing? How do you know it is " The time" if you did not take the chance and bare with the risk ? or do you actually have to strategise your move so that you ultimately will "success"? Are you taking life as a proposal or a report that you need to list down "1.0) purpose.. 2.0) strategy...5.0) conclusion.."? Even a project you will have to face the risk of failing.. what more life? ya ya.. i know.. to make a project success.. time is another factor.. because? you need to get hold of the time and be the first to strive right? what about your life? if you choose to hold back.. you are letting time pass by you.. ultimately.. you might just be another person that will say.. "If only I know.. I would have.. , or I should have ... but.. " Well, this is life.. bare with the consequences of your decision.. your decision to wait.. and try not to blame anyone around you for what ever that happen.. because you know.. your decision affect you.. but what you might not know is, your decision affect others too.. and so.. try not to blame the people around for what ever that happen.. because ultimately, you are the one deciding your life.. your choice.. and when a decision is made.. bare with the consequences of there might not be room for regret.. this is life.. right???

Question of the day: Do you still choose to wait for the right timing to arrive ??

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