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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life's Good With DaVinci the Genius

I had won a in a blog competition my boyfriend asked me to join a while ago and I was waiting for the prize to see what's it all about. Finally the package arrived. Inside it there are the letter congratulating me, 2 tickets to the Da Vinci the Genius Exhibition, a 50% discount on exhibition merchandise voucher and my favourite Starbucks RM10 voucher.

So what did I do about it? Of course the first thing to do is to have Starbucks for breakfast since my boyfriend also won the blog contest and the facebook one.

First up what is it about this exhibition which makes it different from the others? The challenge was to create an exhibition which showcases most of Leonardo's work. Thanks to Grande Exhibitions and sponsored by LG, this exhibition is made happen for us to enjoy at the National Science Center.

So I went to the show and was disappointed when we saw this sign. How to blog if we can't take pictures?

Fortunately my boyfriend talked to the friendly staff there who gave him a pass to allow him to take pictures. Look at his smile? Doesn't his looks makes you feel happy like a kid too?

So we went in and in the first gallery, we get to see the life and times of Leonardo Da Vinci who lived from 1452-1519.

From there, I got to know that Leonardo had been the greatest genius the world has ever known. Why is he known as that? I will tell you throughout this post.

All his life's work are written on small notebooks like this one here.

Through time, his works are separated and in 1630, Pompeo Leoni got hold of a large scale of his works but they were taken apart and sorted in subjects which makes the original orders which could tell much of his life lost. The sorted works are named as codices. The chart below shows the details of them.

Amongst his works are in the fields of machine inventions where he gave the ideas to motor car, submarines, tanks, machine guns, glider and a lot others.

He is also known as the Father of Flight for his contributions to the ideas of flight and being the first to look at the science of flight. Imagine without him, there would never be planes to travel in today. In his works he worked based on the movements of a bird's wings. He also gave birth to the idea of a parachute.

His contributions in Military engineering was also enormous in creating weapons of wars. His time of living with wars forced him to come up with ideas of deadly machines. Some are easy in construction and practical in use such as the emergency bridge and ladders. He then moved on to offensive and defensive inventions such as the machine gun and armored cars.

He is also well versed with the physics and mechanical principles, coming up with the ideas of the ball bearing system, coil spring and flywheels to name a few.
My favourite machine. The pan mee roller. Actually it's a wheat roller
He is also into civil mechanics. Do you know that the bicycle was first invented by him?

He is also an architect. He designed an ideal city which is planned according to the concept of unity and harmony. It's such a pity that he did not live long enough to see that came true.

He also came up with hydralics and aquatic machines. Most of which are early ideas to what we have today and some are used even till this very day.

Other than that Leonardo is also known as a man of musical and time keeping instruments. He worked with springs and gears to improve on time keeping of his time.

Then we have his anatomical drawings to apply to his paintings.

He was also involved majorly in the creation of renaissance arts with well known painting such as

Perhaps his most well known painting had been the Mona Lisa. I think this whole exhibition wouldn't be complete in the case of the absence of the Mona Lisa. In this exhibition the secrets of Mona Lisa is revealed. It was part of the scientific methods which is able to separate layers and layers of the painting to reveal what had happened and what makes it what it is today.
Other than that, his paintings includes the last supper which illustrates the last meal Jesus had with his disciples before he was betrayed by Judas. Other than that, he is also known for his Anghiari Battle drawings. It is said they are simply marvelous and breathtaking.

He is also a sculptor and had spent years researching on the movements of horses to come up with a giant statue for the Duke of Milan. He did made a model but during the war, the bronze was sent off to build cannons and subsequently his model was used as a target practice thus destroying his hard work.

That is the end of the exhibition. Actually the exhibition was a large scale one and what I put out here is only a small part of the exhibition. If you really want to go for this exhibition, I heard they had been moved over to Taiwan. You really need to see it for yourself to feel what it is like.So isn't life good with Da Vinci the Genius? He is a man of many talent. A creator of many things which we still use to this very day yet he said this "I have offended god and mankind because my work didn't reach the quality it should have". I would say if he were to live till this very day, He would have created something like the LG Crystal GD 900 because in comparison of designs, it has the one quality that what Leonardo's creation has, perfection! Had he had one of this, I am sure he would be pleased to have a work which is of the quality it should have. At least I know I would. Nevertheless, he had made life better for all of us with his creations. So how can I not say "Life's Good With Da Vinci the Genius"? Life's Good with LG too. Thanks for the tickets which opened my eyes to a world of whole new wonders.

Ps. I guess there's something you don't know about Leonardo Da Vinci. Actually his masterpiece, Mona Lisa is also called as "La Gioconda" in Italian. Does the initial sounds something familiar to you. Yes it's LG. Is this why LG products are so perfect? Time to ponder...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How many "next time" do you have?

Actually this is one email I got very long ago.. but it never failed to touch me every time i read it.. Have you ever wonder what are the important things in your life? I know $$ is definitely one of it.. Ya.. I know, without $$ how can we survive.. but above that.. have you ever wonder, why are we working so hard for money? I mean.. you did realised that although you might be earning billions and trillions of $$ you are just a worker for $$ right? you are still chasing $$ instead of letting $$ chasing you right? and have you ever pause for once and wonder.. why are you wrking so hard? have you realised all the opportunity lost that you forgo because you are way too busy chasing after $$?

For your info, it's almost Chinese New Year d.. and usually .. if you realised.. you will somehow hear lots of sad news.. don't ask me why.. because I have no answer to that.. but what I can tell you is.. read this story carefully.. and maybe you will realised what you missed out.. and maybe it's time for you to do something? Maybe you will remember tis one thing that are very much important and relevant to our life that you have somehow forgotten..


不久以前 ,我和另一位女士約會,其實那還是我妻子的主意,有一天她說:「我知道妳很愛她。」我很驚訝,立刻爭辯說:「但我愛的是妳呀!」「我知道,但你也愛她呀!」




「非常有意思,比我想像的好多了!」 ~我回答。

多花時間和他們在一起,因為這事絕不能拖延到「以後有時間再說 ...」。
「樹欲靜而風不止,子欲養而親不待」 是人生一大憾事。
~{ 愛無分 ,愛有份}~

After get marriaged for twenty-one years, i found an unique way to refresh my love life.
Not long ago, I was going to date with a lady, and the idea came from my wife

One day my wife said: I know u love her. I was shocked: The one I love is you! She said: I know, but u love her too.
The lady that my wife asked me to visit was my mother.
She was alone for nineteen years, however, I was busy with my job and my children, so I was less likely to visit her.

The night, i called her, invited her to have a dinner and movie with me at the second day.
' What happen? Are u alright?', she asked.
I answered: I was just thinking that if I have chance to date with u alone, it sure be very interesting.

After a while, she said: I do.
The Friday came after i knock off from my worked, I fetched her at her home, felt like a little bit nervous.
Because I had never been to a date with my mom before.
When I reached her house, I found that she seems a little bit nervous too.
She was in her suite, which she wore during her last wedding anniversary with my dad, waiting for me in her house.

She made her hair specially, smiling like an angel.
When she get into my car, she proudly said: all my friends were jealous at me when they know that i'm gonna dating with my son.
We went to a restaurant which was not expensive but with warmth and cozy environment.
My mom hold my hand as she was the wife of a president.
After getting to her seat, I help her to order her food,
Because she only can read the big capital words.,
When we were eating, I found she was staring at me,
She smile and said: I remembered that during yr childhood, I always make the order for u. I answered: then now is yr chance to take a rest and let me to serve u.
We keep talking during our dinner,。Sharing about our life and some special things happening these few years.

We talked for very long time until we missed the movie. When I fetched her back to her house,
She asked: I'd like to date with u next time, but please let me pay the bill next time. I agreed.
When I back to my home, my wife asked: how's yr date with yr mom?
' It was interesting and fun, over my expectation', I answered.

Few days later, my mom passed away due to heart failure. The thing happened in an unexpected manner,
I wasn't prepared for it at all.
Soon after this, I received a letter, there are a receipt of the restaurant that I dated with my mom, and a message: I already paid the bill for our next date, even though I know I'd probably won't have chance to date with u anymore, I still pay the bill for two persons: u and yr wife. U will never know how meaningful the date to me, I love U.

At the moment, I realized: we must always spare our precious time to our beloved, and told them u love them before it is too late.

There is nothing more important than yr family, spend more time with them before it is too late.

Don't make any regret in our life.

Cherish people around you while you can.. there might be a "next time" for some people.. but definitely not to all.. I'm not cursing you but simply.. a gentle reminder .. won't wan you to be the next one to say " If only I know.. I would have... but now.. it's too late d".. right?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Had a bad day, anyone??

Well, ya.. the funny thing is.. I have been having bad days for some time.. you know the feeling .. you have planned for everything so well.. you are amazed with what you planned.. but things pop up.. and you have to accept the fact that plan well doesn't mean will work well.. and that planning might just to way too ideal.. I remembered once..

Few years back when I was still in my secondary.. one fren of mine.. one of my best fren.. and a super smart one I would say.. he once told me his plan for his life.. he actually planned to find a gal and get married at the age of.. 26.. so.. how far does his plan work? but if you still go on with your plan for the sake of following your plan.. that might just not be a life that compromise with your surrounding? There was this fren of mine.. she's a doctor- to -be.. and she's really a hardwrking gal.. and finally came bck to Malaysia during her break.. her fren was so happy ans ask her out to "yam Cha". Guessed wat happened after an hour? Her hand phone's alarm rang.. and next, she said" an hour d, I need to go bck to study d".. and so.. this is wat happened if you follow to strictly to your plan.. or do you have anything that you wish to share wit me?

Ok.. go bck to my story.. I was having real bad days for sometime.. but i believe the good is yet to come.. after all my assignments and test ended.. haha.. and so.. I would like to dedicate this nice song to everyone.. at least i know tis song lighten up my day!! and I hope it will do the same magic on you too!

Daniel Powter - Bad Day

Thursday, January 14, 2010

刘力扬- 我就是这样

刘力扬 - 我就是这样

This is one chinese song that I will strongly recommend to everyone.. y? because she is trying to tell u.. you are someone that's very much special.. unique! Why do we need to live for others? Trying hard to satisfy others while others stil unable to notice your existence? Well, at least.. tat's wat i've been trying to do all these while. trying hard to make others happy.. as for whether I'm happy or not.. does it even matter to others? I used to somehow ignore wat i think and put wat others wan as my priority.. but wel.. looked bck at who I was.. i will start to laugh..

I'm who I'm.. if you can't change me.. thn bare with me.. if you can't bare with me.. you are free to go.. I don't force anyone to stay by me.. I still have 24 hours a day.. 7 days per week.. this is one fact that doesn't change.. and one fact that we have to accept is.. we are who we are, 我就是这样! I hope you will like tis song as much as i do..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

How well can you sing?!

Singing.. emmm.. well.. i know it's shameful to say that.. wel.. I've been staying in KL for.. emmm.. about 2 years + but o.. hahaha.. I've never been to RED BOX nor NEWWAY.. but at least.. I've been to Dreambox (in Melaka).. Heh.. I can sing well ok?!..or should i say i used to sing wel? hahaha.. well.. i used to represent Melaka in a choir competition as one out of.. emmm.. 25? or izit more? I can't recall d.. because o.. it's almost 10 years ago d lo.. :P

Anyway, my topic for the day got nothing to do with how well I can sing.. but rather.. emmm.. how well can THEY sing?! Who are they? emmm.. those that i have no idea of.. but.. my goodness.. I'm sure that anyone of you that read my blog can definately sing so much better thn them!!!! I was at Sg Buloh painting walls (serious not fun at all).. and I guess some neighbour is having wedding ceremony (Malay style) and so there are loud speakers with surrounds.. and maybe a stage with a mic.. The whole everning.. my goodnes.. it's a huge torture!! It was a hot sunday afternoon in a house with minimum fan.. no radio.. no wifi.. tortured enough d.. and I have to let myself being exposed with sound polution.. heh.. I'm not being mean.. I know they are enjoying.. but heh.. come on la.. u are having ur day singging on stage.. but don la make everyone down the stage suffer.. Half way while he (& she) singging.. they actually reminded me of a thing I saw whn I shopped at Sunway and also at Jonker Street in Melaka. you know.. the type of rubber chicken??

Still have no idea? nvm.. I got a photo to share with u..

ok.. some of you have no idea how it sounded like? Well.. let me tell u.. some of them actually sang like the vidoe I'm about to post k? Don get angry with me after you heard it k? I had to stand with their singing for 3-4 hours today ok?!.. and some of them really sang like tis..

Super annoying right?? Told you so.. but to some degree.. I guess I have to solute them.. to have the courage to stand on the stage and sing with this kinda voice right?? hahaha..

Another sad thing happened today.. my heels spoilt.. my cousin actually wore my heels without asking for my permission.. I mean it's not that I banned others from using my stuff.. but.. she got her own shoes.. y she had to wear mine.. and actaully spoilt it?! I bought it with my own money.. money that i earned.. and all these.. she didn't even say a sorry.. she jz put it bck and pretend as if nothing had happened.. BTW.. she's twice my size.. so.. let's guess why the heels broke?? hahaha..

Thursday, January 7, 2010

丁噹 - 我愛他 @ I love him

How to translate her name? it'll end up something like "Ting Dang" but it's a real sad song.. with the title "I love Him".

Ya.. I guess whn you love some1, you will choose to only see wat you wish to see.. listen to wat you wish to listen.. believe wat you wish to believe even whn all are against it.. Someone used to tell me, love is not a trade. but how can it not be a trade whn you are to put your faith, trust and maybe dream to one person in return for his/her faith, trust, care and maybe love too?

Lyrics :
他的镜框留在 某一节车厢
地下铁里的风 比回忆还重

对他唯一(如果还有)遗憾 是分手那天
我奔腾的眼泪 都停不下来
若那一刻重来 我不哭

我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂
我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘
曾为他 相信明天就是未来
情节有多坏 都不肯醒来

我爱他 跌跌撞撞到绝望
我的心 深深伤过却不会忘
我和他 不再属于这个地方
最初的天堂 最重的荒唐

如果还有遗憾 又怎么样呢
伤了痛了懂了 就能好了吗

我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂
我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘
逃不开 爱越深越互相伤害
越深的依赖 越多的空白
我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂
我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘
曾为他 相信明天就是未来
情节有多坏 都不肯醒来

我爱他 跌跌撞撞到绝望
我的心 深深伤过却不会忘
我和他 不再属于这个地方
最初的天堂 最重的荒唐

如果还有遗憾 又怎么样呢
伤了痛了懂了 就能好了吗
我奔腾的眼泪 都停不下来
若那一刻重来 我不哭

Sad song a? Well, bare with me.. i'll try to find some cute and happy song in my next post ya.. I hope you like tis song.. because i do like tis song..

Some though of mine:

This song somehow remind me of another song i once posted here as both also "betrayal" related.. The truth is, every steps we take.. there's a risk to take.. it's more of how much risk you can take.. but thn again.. without taking the risk, are you sure that forgoing the risk will make you risk-free? are you sure that forgoing the possible risk will make you remain in status quo??

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



该如何说起。。我真的不知。。但,我绝不觉得亏欠于妳。。我曾一度的感到困扰。。曾真的想过要放弃。。曾真的自责过。。但,我恍然的察觉。。这一切的一切,,我可真的全然不知。。这何等的罪?或许,如果真的得责怪,那就怪我小胆的从来不敢触碰他的敏感地带。我想说的是。。其实,从他口中得知的妳,和别人眼中及脑海中妳的地位。。可是全然的不同。。他声称的你(从我认识时一直到我恍然的察觉别人眼里你地位的差异)都是一样的。。这虽然是场过去,可这所谓的差异的存在。。或许是所有问题的存在。。导致他没法好好的处理这一切。。因为我尝试问过,你口中的,可否是他所谓的呢?我得到的答复是,不曾的在,何来的分?这。。 你又否察觉?我其实好想从你那儿得到回应。。可,这或许太过于天真,太过于不可能。。但,我想说的是。。 这一切的一切,我真的全然不知。。也或许是还不能知罢。。

虽然,我是万分想知道来龙去脉。。可,我方的故事是否是善意的谎言。。或你方的从来只是单方的故事。。这真的那么重要吗?这会否又是场不能道出的秘密?? 就让它成为我心中的谜。。我渴望的是。。会有那么一天。。会有那么一天。。。

Monday, January 4, 2010

Evan Yo 蔡旻佑 - 寂寞,好了 Vs 小乖乖

蔡旻佑 - 寂寞,好了
Evon Yo.. I would say he is a good singer.. let's see.. this is 2 songs frm his latest album (not to new.. he released it in Year 2009) but from wat i see.. tis is a sad song.. he touched my heart.. I mean this song makes me feel bit sad..

蔡旻佑 - 小乖乖
on the other hand.. his another song.. will makes you feel " super sweet..".. wel.. let the music do the talking??.. and maybe leave some comments??


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