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Sunday, January 10, 2010

How well can you sing?!

Singing.. emmm.. well.. i know it's shameful to say that.. wel.. I've been staying in KL for.. emmm.. about 2 years + but o.. hahaha.. I've never been to RED BOX nor NEWWAY.. but at least.. I've been to Dreambox (in Melaka).. Heh.. I can sing well ok?!..or should i say i used to sing wel? hahaha.. well.. i used to represent Melaka in a choir competition as one out of.. emmm.. 25? or izit more? I can't recall d.. because o.. it's almost 10 years ago d lo.. :P

Anyway, my topic for the day got nothing to do with how well I can sing.. but rather.. emmm.. how well can THEY sing?! Who are they? emmm.. those that i have no idea of.. but.. my goodness.. I'm sure that anyone of you that read my blog can definately sing so much better thn them!!!! I was at Sg Buloh painting walls (serious not fun at all).. and I guess some neighbour is having wedding ceremony (Malay style) and so there are loud speakers with surrounds.. and maybe a stage with a mic.. The whole everning.. my goodnes.. it's a huge torture!! It was a hot sunday afternoon in a house with minimum fan.. no radio.. no wifi.. tortured enough d.. and I have to let myself being exposed with sound polution.. heh.. I'm not being mean.. I know they are enjoying.. but heh.. come on la.. u are having ur day singging on stage.. but don la make everyone down the stage suffer.. Half way while he (& she) singging.. they actually reminded me of a thing I saw whn I shopped at Sunway and also at Jonker Street in Melaka. you know.. the type of rubber chicken??

Still have no idea? nvm.. I got a photo to share with u..

ok.. some of you have no idea how it sounded like? Well.. let me tell u.. some of them actually sang like the vidoe I'm about to post k? Don get angry with me after you heard it k? I had to stand with their singing for 3-4 hours today ok?!.. and some of them really sang like tis..

Super annoying right?? Told you so.. but to some degree.. I guess I have to solute them.. to have the courage to stand on the stage and sing with this kinda voice right?? hahaha..

Another sad thing happened today.. my heels spoilt.. my cousin actually wore my heels without asking for my permission.. I mean it's not that I banned others from using my stuff.. but.. she got her own shoes.. y she had to wear mine.. and actaully spoilt it?! I bought it with my own money.. money that i earned.. and all these.. she didn't even say a sorry.. she jz put it bck and pretend as if nothing had happened.. BTW.. she's twice my size.. so.. let's guess why the heels broke?? hahaha..


  1. Welcome to my blog! Hope u like my blog ! wel.. initially u might find it funny.. but trust me.. after I had to bare with the songs sang for few hours.. i feel like killing the "chicken" and make curry maybe.. hahaha..



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