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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Had a bad day, anyone??

Well, ya.. the funny thing is.. I have been having bad days for some time.. you know the feeling .. you have planned for everything so well.. you are amazed with what you planned.. but things pop up.. and you have to accept the fact that plan well doesn't mean will work well.. and that planning might just to way too ideal.. I remembered once..

Few years back when I was still in my secondary.. one fren of mine.. one of my best fren.. and a super smart one I would say.. he once told me his plan for his life.. he actually planned to find a gal and get married at the age of.. 26.. so.. how far does his plan work? but if you still go on with your plan for the sake of following your plan.. that might just not be a life that compromise with your surrounding? There was this fren of mine.. she's a doctor- to -be.. and she's really a hardwrking gal.. and finally came bck to Malaysia during her break.. her fren was so happy ans ask her out to "yam Cha". Guessed wat happened after an hour? Her hand phone's alarm rang.. and next, she said" an hour d, I need to go bck to study d".. and so.. this is wat happened if you follow to strictly to your plan.. or do you have anything that you wish to share wit me?

Ok.. go bck to my story.. I was having real bad days for sometime.. but i believe the good is yet to come.. after all my assignments and test ended.. haha.. and so.. I would like to dedicate this nice song to everyone.. at least i know tis song lighten up my day!! and I hope it will do the same magic on you too!

Daniel Powter - Bad Day


  1. yeah.. mm everyone of us had a bad day. well its fine for me (because I always got and Im just ignoring it) :) no bad days = no thrills in life

  2. Welcome to my blog Alleo!! ya.. without sad, we won't noe wat's happy.. wel.. tis is life..



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