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Thursday, January 14, 2010

刘力扬- 我就是这样

刘力扬 - 我就是这样

This is one chinese song that I will strongly recommend to everyone.. y? because she is trying to tell u.. you are someone that's very much special.. unique! Why do we need to live for others? Trying hard to satisfy others while others stil unable to notice your existence? Well, at least.. tat's wat i've been trying to do all these while. trying hard to make others happy.. as for whether I'm happy or not.. does it even matter to others? I used to somehow ignore wat i think and put wat others wan as my priority.. but wel.. looked bck at who I was.. i will start to laugh..

I'm who I'm.. if you can't change me.. thn bare with me.. if you can't bare with me.. you are free to go.. I don't force anyone to stay by me.. I still have 24 hours a day.. 7 days per week.. this is one fact that doesn't change.. and one fact that we have to accept is.. we are who we are, 我就是这样! I hope you will like tis song as much as i do..


  1. nice song...i like this song very much too...

    be confident n moderate...and u will live better life.. :D

  2. Welcome to my blog.. ya..nice song right? tis some somehow motivate me .. telling me tat i shld believe in myself.. really glad u like it!



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