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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trolley Thief!!

I've been working in Cosway for sometime.. and the change of concepts frm close concept to open concept.. so far.. I don really think it is fair and a total good idea for this shop of mine.. things have been going missing.. obviously there are thieves going in and out of the shop. but we can do nothing about it.. If you have been to this cosway at Tesco.. you will know the crowd.. and the number of ppl during peak hours.. I don even have the time to sit down for hours.. seriously!!.. how on earth do I have the chance to observe ppl around me right?

Anyway, 2 days ago, there was this one nice customer of mine.. I was serving her.. and she seems to be really nice..and it is just like a normal customer with naughty kid(named as Kak A).. and so, I don't really give a damn.. I mean.. I was so darn tired.. and was hoping for a chance to sit down for just 5 min.. few min after tis customer with this naughty kid went away.. I heard this Malay customer (Kak B) shouting " Where is my trolley?!".. and I was like.. SHIT!.. here we go again..

THis is not the first time this happened.. there was once a customer came in my shop and when he went out.. he found his trolley LOST.. and he bought about 300++ .. but my boss was smart enough to get it back for him.. because she saw one old lady took it after she confirmed that it was hers.. and we thought this won happened again.. but we were wrong!!

Out of our expectation.. this time it was a kid! and we managed to trace the whole process through our CCTV!.. and so.. our "supervisor" managed to trace tis nice customer , Kak A.. and to our suprise.. she told us that no such thing happened.. because she owned 2 ikan bakar shops.. and so.. there is no need for her to steal ppl's stuffs.. and so on.. we can do nothing ..

Today, my boss tried to give Kak A a call again.. and somehow.. the customer came back today.. claiming that she managed to asked her son.. and her about 10 years old kid was the one moving the Kak B's trolley to another place.. which caused the Kak B to lost her stuff.. and Kak A is nice enough to come back and willing to pay back her lost..

This story tells me something: I should never assume all mankind (mostly Malays are thieves.. which I did.. I thought the kid was asked by his parents to do bad.. and I'm truly sorry for thinking so.. to be honest.. I thought the Kak A will never enter this shop ever again and Kak B will never get back her money or ever find out that is our customers that stole her stuff...) To all Malays that read my post.. I'm truly sorry for thinking so.. though some Malays are having some bad habits.. but it is my bad for assuming all..


  1. personally its not the race which is the problem...its the person themselves

  2. I guess so.. the main problem is with the attitude... anyway.. Mat`amit, welcome to my blog!!



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