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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Story of its own..

Yes.. if you are a song lover.. you will realized.. deep down inside.. there is a song that belongs to you.. and somehow.. there is a story behind the song..

Somehow, when I am left alone.. tones of memories will flash back.. and some of the songs will somehow bring back long lost memory.. How could I forgot this particular memory of mine.. and I started to google.. with the hope that that particular news that my friend sent to me few years back was just a stupid joke.. and I can somehow see his happy photos.. Deep down inside.. I know the chances to even get a photo of him.. is as good as nil..

Yeah.. I wished back then.. technology is as advanced as now. However, all the memories.. can only be stored in my memory.. which I failed to recall most of it.. I remembered I read it somewhere that stated this " Memory will fade.. you might not remember what happened, but you will somehow remember the feelings.. " So true.. I can't recall what had happened.. but the bitterness.. somehow.. kills me from within..

有人说, 善忘的人或许会忘了事与故。。 但,却会记得当下的感受。。 或许, 从前的我尽了力去忘记所有和他有关的事。。 当我终于做到了,却莫名的好想记得一切。。 如此的矛盾。。 模糊的记忆只记得我带给您的伤害。。只记得您因为我而远离了伤心地。。可那段时间你却还不忘在特别的日子里在转送您的祝福。。 只是后来发生了什么。。 我真的不晓得什么事与物将您永远的带上了天国。。 我只记得,曾近有个您成了我生命中的过客,人说“生命无常”。。 在还能珍惜当下时。。 请好好珍惜!!您可真的不知何时您会丧失了“下次” 的机会。。

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