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Sunday, November 29, 2009

How long have you been away from a place called 'home'?

Ya.. I know.. I should be studying or at least doing my assignment.. but I should also not stay away from my blog for way too long right? Else you all might just forget the existence of my blog wo..

For those that know me well.. will noe that I'm currently studying in Taylor University College.. no.. I'm not as rich as you imagine.. the only reason i'm studying there is because I'm under scholarship.. and all thanks to that i get the chance to meet all these bunch of wonderful frens!! However, according to Newton's law , every action has its reaction (surprisingly I still remember physics!! --Mr. Wee, I did not disappoint you le! hahaha). Every opportunity gain will come with something that you have to forgo. -- I need to be away from my home, Melaka. Ya i should also be thankful that I'm not really that far away from home. I know.. but as far as you know.. i wishes to go bck home at least once a week. But, with the work loads.. how can i afford to go back that often!

I used to wish to stay away from home when i was young.. with the hope that.. maybe to some extend.. my parents will not look at every steps I'm taking.. and scold me if it's againsts their will. However, currently.. i'm the one telling them each steps I'm taking.. with the hope that.. they will tell me their point of view of each and every steps i'm about to take. Funny right?? Maybe to some extend, I wish to feel at home even whn I'm far away from home.

When I've been away from home for sometime, at times, I'll dream that I'm at home.. sleeping on my bed.. and when I'm awake and realized it's jz another dream of mine, deep down in my heart.. there's some disappointment .. When I'm way too long away from home.. i'll tend to find foods that are slightly similar to mom's cook. Nothing better than my mom's cook. She knows what i like to eat and my favourate soup.

When I'm away from home for more thn a week.. I'll starts to miss my doggies.. the feeling of hugging my Snowy.. how happy my doggies will be whn they saw i'm bck from KL. How Wolly will manja and want me to hug him and pet him before i can touch on other dogs.. How Poppy will run all the way to give me his "hand hand".. and the super fierce Ranger will actually look at me with his cute eyes.. with the hope that I'll manja him too..

When i'm bck at home.. my dad will purposely come bck early .. although he won't really start to chat wit me.. but he'll sit by the tv.. while I'm facing my laptop.. it's like he's actually accompanying me silently.. waiting me to go to sleep thn only he'll go to sleep..

Home.. there's no place like home.. a shelter that we can have a good rest .. a place where I would say.. heaven.. there's actually a thin line between heaven and hell.. Nothing is always better than something.. whn everything is in peace.. no arguement.. It is heaven because nothing happens.. but whn there's something.. it could be a slight arguement.. that did not ends well.. if you leave it as it's .. it will be ok eventually.. but while it's recovering.. that period.. i will feel it's as though hell.. ..regardless hell or heaven.. it's my home.. a place I can ever ignore.. How long have I been away from my home? I would say.. I'm never away from it.. physically.. maybe ya.. but it stays in my heart.. always.. So, How long have you been away from a place called HOME ??

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