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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bad day..

Ya.. it seems like I've not been having good day for sometime.. I wondered what went wrong.. did i expect too much? or i'll just hav to go through to it silently to see what it'll bring me to?

Imagine yourself having tones of work to do.. with the dateline of assignment getting nearer.. and you are still half way through everything.. stress is the only word to be described.. yet, you know you can never shut yourself from the world just to complete everything.. but to some extend.. I choose to go on with my life.. and face all the stress and feeling on my own.. and tat's whn the problems arises.. I'm stress.. yes.. where can i release my stress on? I can't simply scold ppl right? yet i have to tried to settle problems arises around me.. how far can i proceed from there? I have no idea.. remain status quo is the only option I can't go for.. tat's for sure.. but adding on to my stress.. tat's not i'm looking for too.. to some extend, I wish to shut myself from the world.. just me and myself.. maybe by thn i can ignore everything else other thn myself.. maybe i just need some rest.. maybe i'm way too tired to face things.. there are too many maybe.. but will any of the maybe.. help me out here?

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