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Sunday, December 6, 2009

How much does your ego worth??

Ya.. I have been experiencing some ego issue lately.. no.. to be exact.. people around me have been experiencing that.. and.. i observed how far it bring things..

As what is defined by Google ego is "an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others " . Ya.. I know.. ego is never a bad thing.. but let me give you some example as to how far your ego can bring you ok? To the extreme, ego can bring down a relationship. Imagine you are in a relationship where both party refuse to admit they are the wrong party due to "ego issue".. and how far this cold war will bring you? I mean, emmm.. if you try to discuss things with her in a nice manner after both have calmed down.. you being the first to step one step back.. does this shows that you worth nothing? Wat do you lose by doing so? .. ok.. let's put the question another way around.. how much will you gain by doing so? at the very least.. both understands Wat went wrong.. and there are chances that things might just work right? so how much you gain? emmm.. let me give you an insight.. if you are willing to put down your ego and make the first move.. guys.. you might just get a girl's heart because.. she will know by then that.. she worth more thn your ego- you really do care for her.

Lately, there has been some argument between 2 party around me.. and ultimately. .i think it's more of personal ego issue rather than the issue surfaced. Well, for those who actually see this post.. I won't know who you are.. but I'm sure that.. it's more of ego issue right? because we had experience such problem before.. where.. you remembered last year.. we also had somewhat a unproductive "lessons" which is , as compared to this current condition, worse.. right? but we did nothing about it.. and there was not a big fuss.. ya.. i know i have no right to say anything.. but I actually think that.. different people have different perspective of things.. I know we used to be spoon feed with information and so.. if it required us to get our own info.. i guess this change.. we will somehow resist it right? What i actually think is.. one will get angry because one care or concern of something .. regardless of what it is.. ultimately... the goal is the same - when we performed, we will look good.. and they will look good too right? we strive for the same goal.. just at a different path.. and when somehow expectations are not met, it will not seems balance.. and to balance it up, someone has to make the first move.. and that's another reason why the "discussion" session came about.. we need to sound out Wat we need .. face to face.. and listen to Wat's required from us.. things have to go in 2 ways to make it work..

I'm somehow glad that there are this discussion part and by doing so.. because by doing so.. she had put down her ego and by doing so.. she showed that she still care for us.. because she still wish to make a diff.. and Wat we can do is.. to find a balance point where we can meet her expectation.. and in the same time, she's trying to meet our expectation too? To many, she might not be the best.. and i think she knows it too.. because the definition of "the best" is way too subjective.. but i can see that she's trying her best.. and that's Wat counts right?

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