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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hannah Tan Charity Concert 2009

Ya.. I know it took my sometime to finally update on tis matter.. but.. do bare with me..considering all the workloads I have.. but i decided to go on with this because.. this is the first concert i've been to.. ya.. i know.. it's free.. but still.. I'm sitting in front.. somehow make me feel like I'm one of the VIP.. hahaha.. now i know that being a blogger does make a different!! I also managed to get a photo beside the poster.. well.. I know Hannah Tan is extreme pretty and so.. please don't compare me with her k? I know where i stand and that's another reason why I didn't try to take photo beside her. See the red tag I had on me? that's the reason I managed to sit.. let's see.. the 6th row from the stage.. and you guys wanna know why I say I'm lucky? because there are alot of ppl attending this event and I don't have to race with them to sit in front.. Still don't believe wat I've said? I have photos to prove it..
Below is a photo of the guy who is somewhat the lucky one tat had the chance to stand on the stage and sing.. ya .. i know he deserved it.. and he sings well.. he is the winner from facebook.. Pls do forgive me.. as I can't recall name.. Following is another cool guy... heh.. although he looks young and small.. but let me tell you.. he has a loud voice.. and don't judge a book by its cover.. he represent Malaysia and win k!! He is Shawn Lee..
Finally.. I can see Hannah Tan in person..

Still blur and can't see her ?? Try to have a look on the photo below..

Japanese Ambassador and Hannah Tan on the stage.. and you will not believe what happened next.. he sang.. and just any japanese song.. he sang Malay songs.. Yes!! MALAY SONGSS. 2 songs to be exact.. and he sang wel..

Followings are some artists that Hannah Tan managed to invite..All the artists are Malaysian.. and let me tell you.. they are all talented!! See the guy in pink?? He is Malaysia's Vannessa Mae!!..

If you wish to hear the best combination of musics.. and I mean music alone.. without anyone sing.. I would say.... ( ..let the photo do the talking.. )

and some other invited guess... that sing well..

This is the only photo I managed to get .. I know it is bit blur.. but Jojo moves way too fast.. and this is the only clear photo I managed to get hold on.. so..
Talk about magic.. I'm actually super impressed with the following magic.. how on earth he managed to make those moves with a fork?? Maybe someone can teach me??
Thanks alot to all the participating artists that make this event a memorable one in 2009!!


Before I managed to get a nice photo of a Xmas tree when I was about to enter the lift to the assigned hall for the event.. and so.. I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone .....

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