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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

猜不透 ..Trying hard to figure out..

Ya.. I realised I love to listen to such song.. especially when I'm emo.. the funny thing is.. heh.. when you are down you might wanna find ways and means to avoid the deep feeling of your.. me on the other hand, wel.. I have to admit this. .when I'm sad.. I will tend to feel like wanna watch some funny movie.. thn maybe listen to this kinda songs.. why I do such torture? I dunno.. I somehow believe that.. when you are sad or even emo til a certain point that you can no longer feel anything.. you'll feel so numb that you feel nothing.. thn maybe you will start to recover.. I remembered I once had a bad experience.. and there was this CD that wil remind me of that.. to my surprised.. that I somehow on the same CD over and over for days, weeks and even months.. til one point of time.. I realised.. i'm finally over it.. it no longer have any effect on me.. funny way of dealing wit stuff.. ya.. i noe.. as compared with those that chose to avoid.. delete or even erase those memories.. or even people of their list that somehow gave them those memory.. I choose to keep them.. face them.. and deal with it..

ok ok.. I know I'm totally out of this topic.. today's topic.. is about tis song.. oh my.. I can't stand listen to song.. you know the feeling.. when you have such hope for some people.. but you are being treat .. with .. emmm.. " hot and cold"? You will be wondering.. wat you are to this someone.. wat have you did.. you wish to understand this someone so much.. but the more you know.. you will start to realise the least you know of this someone? I like tis song.. but not the MV to be frank..
To be frank, I actually hate silence treatment.. when I did something that makes you unhappy.. please do.., by all means, tell me straight to my face.. ok ok.. maybe not to my face.. but you really have to tell me.. don't keep it to yourself and bare with it.. I understand how it feel to bare things.. without telling it out loud.. I know how it feels to try your very best to deal with all the emotion silently.. wearing a mask to face everyone around.. hence, I won wan you to go through all these because of me.. If you don't understand me, do ask any questions .. I will try my best to answer..because I strongly believe that if you wan things to wrk out.. keeping it to yourself will not be the way.. I see friends, couples, and even husband & wife that assumed the other party will not understand things.. and hence keep things and feeling to themselves.. I have a question for you.. keeping things to yourself.. will make things better? are you 100% sure things won work out if you tell the truth? maybe things will not work out as plan.. but without telling it out.. thing will definitely not wrk out.. right? like wat my lecturer used to say.. ASSUME = ASS + U + ME ( Ass you and me ).. so.. never assume.. be sure of things.. I used to assume things.. I used to think that I should never tell my feeling out loud.. because this will show how weak I'm .. I should always uphold my imagine of being this strong, cold- blooded gal.. someone that no one can break through.. and see how timid, weak I'm.. but I realised.. maybe it's time for me to be myself.. maybe.. it is time for others to know how I feel? I wish to be understood.. in the same time, I wish to understand how others feel.. but the more I wish to do so.. the further apart I'm from the initial point.. I guess I've failed miserably..

Let's see.. wat's the last solution I have? Wish upon the star.. even though i Know well that.. it's jz another wish that will not come true.. .. is tis wat's called as life? I wonder..

丁噹 - 猜不透

P.S : I hope you will like this song!!


  1. well, life is full of obstacles.. we have to be strong when facing them.. i dont like silent treatment too.. very traumatizing.. haha.. anyway, all the best in your undertakings! =)

  2. Thanks a lot!! I will be strong and go through all these !!



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