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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Revive - Up Party~~

Ya.. u didn't read it wrongly.. I did went for a party.. and surprisingly.. I enjoyed it alot.. now i know why people loves partying so much!! but the different part is, I don't have to pay a single cent yet I enjoyed myself to the max!! All these.. I have to say.. the credit should go to the DJs, those who participated.. and of course, the organizer. We had unlimited refill of beers, whiskey.. and not forgetting 7 up revive!!
ok.. let the photos do the talking ..
The crowd
First performance of the day. All they need is basic furniture to create a band
Guess who is this?
Even the crowd join in the dance
This pic is too dark but it's MYFM deejay, Ngan Mei Yan aka Sau Yan who had to walk around and let us poke.
Pic with her!
Take a guess who is this guy
The spotlight of the night
The finale where they give out prizes of those who participated in the facebook rev up with revive pic contests
another one for the winner
Soon it was free for all party time
This is their toilet. when you see this door means you have to act the same. tahan till the fella inside comes out. hahahaha


  1. Sorry for the long due of this post.. I was down with fever lately and by today only i managed to find a slot of free time to update my blog.. see.. i update my blog even whn i'm not feeling wel.. I hope u guys like it!!

  2. the girl in ur 3rd pic..
    Dina right? the chic from MI season1 =)

  3. ya.. DINA.. her voice.. is really superb!! she's Malaysia very own Beyonce.. I mean.. her voice..and she's really cute..



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