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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little motivation pls?!

Ok.. I've not been in my best shape lately.. with all the assignments and work load.. I can only choose to either have more rest and skip class.. or go for classes and rest less.. what did I go for.. tat's not the point.. but with my lack og time management.. I had to learn it the hard way that.. things don't always go my ways regardless how much efford I put in..

I just got my result for my assignment.. and one of my assignment mark shocked me.. I din't failed ( thank god!) but I break my record and got the lowest of all.. Well.. I was kind of down.. because I did put lots of efford trying to complete it.. and this makes me wonder wat when wrong.. what i did was not wat that is required? or is it because wat i did was totally out of point? I know.. it's only 30% out of finals.. but.. when you work kind of hard on something.. you will not expect the worst out of it right? sad? been through that.. now.. what I really need is for someone to tell me.. motivate me on letting go of the past and focusing on the future.. I know I should focus on the future and work double hard to make sure I'll get the best out of what is left over.. I know that what ever that I've and will give in does makes it equal to what I will get back.. but I also know that without giving in.. I will never get what is desired.. so what should I do?

Ok.. I guess I have no other choice.. what done is done.. I cannot turn back time and tell them to give me one more chance to undo what had been done.. what I can do is to do some damage control.. I guess I should be glad that I still have a second chance to "repair the situation".. if only there's a second chance on everything on life right? there might be less tears and we might be living in a better world.. I need to appreciate the second chance given.. and strive for the best!! time is running out.. and if i continue to stay emo and pondering around on what had happened.. I'll missed out even more.. so.. let's work really hard on what a better tommorow !! I can't change what had happened..but I stand a chance on changing on what that can and might happen!!


  1. dun b so emo!!!that will not happen all the time!! look forward n u will notice that's juz a lil obstacle! +u

  2. 人生不如意之事十之八九,人生就为了寻找一二而拼,凡事懂得放下



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