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Monday, March 8, 2010

Betrayal start with...

Ya.. I know I should be working on my assignment but I cam across this surprisingly news that a well-known film director from Singapore that is also known to have a loving family actually had an affair as long as 2 years!!

This reminded me of 2 articles that i once wrote and here . I don't understand... no one will ever be satisfy or willing to settle down with only 1 person in their life because ultimately.. whn things remain status quo for way too long.. you will start to get bored.. and wish to go for something "fresher"? what happened if it happens the other way round? will you ever forgive the one that betrayed you because she wishes to "try things out" and "things got out of hand"? ya.. I know and agree with this whn i read this from Dawa..

"Betrayal begins with trust. You can never blame a person when they don't trust you, even if you're his/her lover" ( DAWA, 2010)

but I have this question for you.. how will you feel whn you don trust some1? you will feel highly insecure and won be able to rest wel and will start to suspect he or she for going anyway he goes.. and will think of him or her betraying u every seconds whn he(let's assume it's a "he" for the time being k? ) is apart from you.. it will drives you crazy ok?!.. and if you understand "laws of attraction" well enough.. you will know that if you keeps on thinking of something (positive thoughts or negative thoughts) .. you will somehow "attract" those thoughts from a thought to a "reality"?! which will not be wat you wan? How can you know whn to trust some1 and whn not to trust some1? is it a risk to take just like all the risks you have to take as long as you are alive? but can you really handle all the consequences whn all the bad things actually become reality?

Ok.. too much questions.. too little answers.. I don believe in forever.. that's for sure.. because nothing last forever.. but I believe in one thing.. to fall in love is not something you can control.. but to stay in love.. tat's a choice.. however, betrayal.. is a choice too.. don tell me you regret on something after you have conducted it.. it will be like you killed some1 purposely because at tat moment.. you feel like doing so.. but after that you "regret" on your action.. and ask for forgiveness? sounds really stupid.. but wel.. this is wat usually happened.. someone used to tell me this.. women act on their emotion.. and guys act on their desire. When they desire to go on a girl that is "fresh", young, attractive.. they can only find reasons to do without thinking much on the consequences? I know it doesn't apply to all guys.. but most of u all in these categories.. as wat i can say.. to do or not.. it's a choice.. not something you are forced to do! Even though if it happens only "once".. can you be sure that it will end with only once? I believe that whn there's a one time.. it will follow by with a second third and will not end ?!..

Guys.. if one day.. you do not find her attractive anymore.. why do you have to betray her? why can't you just end the relationship thn only decide on wat to do next? be fair to both party pls.. don find reasons for doing something stupid.. I know whn you decide to betray once's trust.. you have decided to be selfish.. and had been tired of her.. but have you ever had a second thought that.. she might be feeling the same too? tired of current life and wish to have a "fresh start" all over again? maybe guys and gals don really think alike.. but I believe in karma.. wat comes around.. goes around..

I also believe that.. if a guy decided to betray some1 for you.. you might feel touched.. and accepted him straight.. but pls do bear in mind.. he can do this to her.. he will do the same thing to you too.. Have you experienced the feeling of betrayal? I don't wish to go through this.. and I hope you won't cause anyone to go through this hell.. but what I wanna say is.. it takes months or even years to build trust.. but it only take few second to break it into pieces.. and there's no guarantee that it can be build up all over again.. before you break it.. think twice ok?!.. be some1 that think far ahead and not short sighted with what you can have or enjoy now?

Ok.. I know this is not a fair post to all the guys.. pls don take it the hard way.. take it as.. emmm.. a "gentle" reminder to prove me wrong.. and never to hurt some1 that have been trying to hard to stay in love.. that work so hard to come this far.. one day, you will hav ur turn.. maybe not now.. maybe not this life.. but one day.. you will go through this hell .. this is karma..

Lastly.. I have a really nice song that i wanna share.. hope u will like it..


  1. YEa, totally agree, "Betrayal begins with trust"


  2. i agree with u^^

  3. Haha i think i kinda lost trust, faith and all like long ago! U can be married for even 20, 30 yrs but still ending up with a failed marriage due to reasons like betrayal, infidelity etc etc. Sad huh.

  4. ya.. sad.. actually makes me wonder.. why do we decide to get married in the first place? is it bec bec u wanna settle down with this 1 person in life? that you are ready to go through ups and downs with her alone right? or u get married bec you wan her to be urs alone and no one else.. thn whn u find some1 fresh.. u can let her go? or whn don think she's of any "use" d u can start "hunting" all over again? talks about fair a..

  5. totally argee v tis statement...

  6. Jie, thanks for promoting my name.



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