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Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to overcome negative emotions?

Ya... I have been kinda down and stress lately.. what to do.. I'm a final year student.. and all the accounting and finance assignments.. I tell you.. is not as easy as it seems to be.. but none the less.. it is very challenging and interesting as well. ok.. out of topic.. I have been down because my beloved sister went to India as she is currently under JPA scholarship and government decided to send her to India to study Medic.. although it is a great news.. but seeing her departing.. makes me feel down.. u know what i meant right? Thn this tones of assignments.. my.. I started to wonder where is my life.. and when can I have the time to rest.. and maybe go back to Melaka.. thn I suddenly think of this wonderful place (actually not as wonderful as you have in mind) which have my favorite food.. I've got to have it.. because I know well that it will definitely makes me feel so much better.. but time is running out.. how? So, I have made up my mind.. if i can do til my desired part on the next day.. I will reward myself with this wonderful food.. and guess what.. it not only motives me to strive harder.. I actually feel so much better after I had it.. and this is the wonder of food?!.. Now i understand why people will tend to eat alot when they are super down.. but what I'm about to show you.. is not chocolate or wat so ever.. it is just a really small stall.. but one famous stall at petaling street selling my favourite food -.. introducing... ASAM LAKSA!!!
Wanna have a look at it?

NICE?!.. I dunno.. I find it to be really really nice.. and not to forget.. fresh.. but hygiene wise.. well.. what can i say.. it is a stall at Petaling Street.. right in front of the pasar.. but heh.. when it starts selling foods.. the pasar would have closed.. so.. not really a huge issue.. but if you are too a big fan of Asam Laksa.. this is a MUST to try it out..

what actually makes it so special and different from what we usually have? Well.. let's see.. it's fresh.. and you actually get what you pay for.. and MOST IMPORTANTLY.. ok.. let the photo do the talking.. u see the one in the blue box (in the photo below)?? it is wat that makes the diff.. you can PUT AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE! and if you don't find the soup to be as spicy as you desired? u can always add the one in the yellow box.. but let me warn you first.. it is spicy enough d.. I actually need tones of tissue after I had it.. so.. if u wanan take up my challenge and put more of the one in the yellow box.. go ahead.. be my guest!! ok.. done talking.. MORE of how my favourite looks like..

You will realise one thing.. you get what you pay for.. and it cost RM4.50 ( for this big bowl of Asam Laksa) and I actually feel extremely full after I had it.. worth all the money I pay for.. because.. I know places selling such food.. it might be as nice as this.. but you might have to pay almost double of the price I'm paying. so.. you decide... but before you go.. please make sure that it is after 3.30pm.. because the stall only start operating after 3.30pm.. and you can even have your dinner there.. so.. do try it out.. because it is really nice!! and most of all.. IT CHEERS ME UP !!


  1. yeah rm4.50 is worth the dish i think =)

  2. definitely worth the price you are paying for!! and most of all.. it makes me happy le.. but.. the effect after that... FAT!! so.. need to cut down on consumption of food.. oh my.. so contradict.. T .T""

  3. I am a big fan of asam laksa also... but pj is too far away from me.

    the blue box is what? 'pes udang?'

    The amount of fish on the bowl worth the prize liao..

  4. the blue box is shrimp paste.. .. ya.. very nice lo!

  5. the assam laksa look soo TASTY....yummy

  6. Shisella @ WElcome to my blog!! ya.. my hometown is Melaka but the stall is at KL.. because I study in Taylor Lakeside campus .

    Kisagsensasi@ Welcome to my blog too lo!! ya.. to me it is super nice lo!!



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