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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guys will understand and gals will regret knowing it too late..

How true is it? I have no idea.. guys tell me how true it is ok ?! I got this email few days ago.. and i found it somehow true.. I'm not implying that all guys do so.. but most of them doing it without realizing it.. I got it in mandarin version and so I've translated it in English version..

当女孩对你撒娇甚至无理取闹时,请男孩不要烦恼女孩,因为她们有道理这样,我们没理由烦恼,我们要做的就是很理解很理解,保护好这位天使,等我们到了30岁,正当我们最美丽的时候,也请你不要放开这位曾经的天使!!! 二十多岁的男人不知道珍惜,不知道感恩.

Man should always appreciate gal that used to stand by him when he is at his twenties as he is at his down side of his life.
No money, no land, no house, no car, no career… unable to be independent yet don’t wish to rely on others, struggling and searching and wondering where is hid place.

Girl at her twenties .. is at the best time of her life, shining and sparkling…
Man should always appreciate and be thankful for the gal that stand by him at his twenties as the gal at her twenties is at the best time of her life and guy at twenties is at the lowest time of his life.

Most guys at his twenties will not appreciate wat they have but it is wat the gal needed most – to be appreciated, loved and cared.

Man at that stage will be useless and so will keep on blaming himself, yet gal at that stage will try her best to build up hi confidence.

Man as his twenties do not know how to love yet needed love and gal at her twenties need to be loved, cared yet have to cared and be understanding.

Gal at her twenties is at the best time of her life. At this moment, she will be very kind-hearted, matured yet “kiddy”.

A man at his twenties that meet a gal of a similar age, he has to appreciate her because she used the best time of her life to accompany the worst time of his life!

If ur gal is sticky or make a big fuss out of a small matter, guys please don’t get tired of her and leave her alone as they have reasons to do so. We do not have reasons to feel tired or angry, we have to be very very understanding and protect this angel. When you guys reached your thirties, it is the best time of ur life, and please do not leave or give up on ur “used to be” angel.

When guys are at their twenties, they do not know how to be thankful, how to appreciate what they have. When they are at their thirties, they are very much stable and have their own career. They will start to give up this gal who used to accompanied him yet used up the best time of her life to accompanied him.

Someone used to say; actually guys are very loyal because from twenties to eighties, they will like pretty gals at their twenties. This is a joke and in the same time, it is very much true.

Others said gals nowadays are very realistic and do not see love in their eyes. They will tend to get married at their young age to someone rich and will have someone to accompany them for the rest of their life.

Yet, they do not know that, at times, guys are like onions. If you wish to see the heart of an onion, you have to peal of the layer one by one.
In the process, you will continue crying.. just to realized the very cruel fact that, onion do not have a heart.


  1. well ouch for me because Im a man XD .. hmm
    maybe 80% true :) because not all man don't know how to love at twenty there are some other guys
    not all person are the same example

  2. True true!! but i'm not referring to all guys.. I actually hope that tis might jz be a good way for reminding guys never to behave in such manner?



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