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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a Day -.-"

Have u ever experienced such day: You are so happy to have a day off.. a day that belong to you and you alone.. and you have all planned out.. everything seems so perfect.. but wait.. there is a catch.. u need a good weather to make it a perfect day..and a healthy body to make it a perfect day.. but guess wat.. I'm lack of those 2 things..

With the haze and the increased number of H1N1.. I actually feel unwell today.. and there goes my day.. my perfect day can only be a dream...this sore throat is killing me.. and somehow feel bit headache.. signs of H1N1? part of it.. yes.. but.. I seriously hope I'm no where near to the "quarantine concept" yet.. I can't survive bored day.. wat more bored days.. haha..

Let's hope I will get better soon.. my perfect day.. seems so far away now.. and my healthy body.. when will you come bck? I will have to make sure you will be back soon.. my perfect day.. wait for me ok ?!.. you can run.. but you can't hide.. I will hunt you down.. hahaha.. sound so dramatic.. blogging is my only way of fun for today.. so.. bare with me for today ok ?!


  1. usually when i get a day off, it's because I'm not feeling well...

    get well soon ya =)

  2. O.o.. Well, I have this off day because my office undergo renovation.. anyway.. thanks alot for ur concern!! u too take care~~



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