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Sunday, August 2, 2009

When will it stops?

Lately, I have been bz working.. imagine.. I don't even have the time to sit down when there is always a chair available.. and I don't really earn anything even though the business is doing so well.. oh.. i forgot.. I got something.. slight flu.. and no.. i really don hope this is the well known sign of H1`N1..

Yet, this is not that caused me to feel sad.. looking bck on my Taylor's life.. although I have been mixing well(well as in I don really mixed and hardly even talk to ppl on issue other thn academic wise).. It is really sad to know and to see 2 frens fight over something i have no idea of.. no.. I don't really think they are fighting over something.. They are fighting over one's dignity which caused them to get even hurt.. and at tis point.. do they still have any turning bck in their friendship?.. I seriously have no idea.. but it is really sad and heart breaking to see all these..

No! I'm not bias in any least no starting from this moment.. and I really hope I can still be friend of both side.. years later.. when both of u look bck at this.. will u ever regret for wat u have said and done? does it worth to break one's friendship because of all these? is it avoidable if there is better communication in conveying one's feeling truthfully to another party once u feel uncomfortable on another's action? so many questions.. yet.. so few answers..

From this, I learn one important lesson.. there is no winning in a fight.. both party will be the loser.. it is either u get hurt more or less.. much is one's dignity's worth when both party hurt so much that it is hard to breath?

我想将这两首歌点给各位。。 但在还没结束前。。 有句我希望你们了解“退一步,海阔天空。。翩体鳞伤了。。 那又何苦呢?..

杨宗纬 - 让

李玖哲 - 想太多

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