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Friday, August 21, 2009

David Tao (陶喆 - 天天 & 就是愛你)

I wonder.. how many of you guys actually like David Tao as much as I do.. well.. I don't really love him.. but he has an amazing voice.. what ever songs that he sang.. it will turn out just nice.. but sad to say.. I realised most of his old songs seems so much more attractive..

These are one of those songs that I will feel bad if I don't share with u guys..

David Tao - Close to you (陶喆 - 天天)

Have you ever fell so much in love that you wish to see this someone regardless of the weather.. wish to be with tis someone so badly that you will miss this someone even when he or she is just a min away from you side? He sangs all these out.. listen closely and feel what he tried to say..


This is another nice song.. I mean.. if you wish to propose to someone.. tell her how u fell for her.. sing tis song to her.. I actually think all gal will melt lo.. u try and listen..and tell me wat u think ok ?!

I hope you will enjoy this nice songs.. and maybe can suggest some nice songs to me too ?!


  1. those two songs are in my fav list too!

  2. I'm glad you like it.. and welcome to my blog !



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