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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Enough to kill~~

Topic that you will see everyday in the newspaper.. H1N1.. yes.. it is deadly enough to kill.. but does it ever cross your mind that.. accident, Denggi.. or even a normal smile.. or even a nap.. it is deadly enough to kill or take away your life?

I'm sure tones of you will be questioning my statements.. or even start to curse me.. but come on.. H1N1 is a hot topic to be discussed.. and I'm actually working in a place where I heard tones of rumours from "outsiders" saying that Tesco had been closed down for few days as its workers are down with H1N1.. but the truth is.. I had been working really hard lately to serve customers daily.. though I actually hope Tesco is "closed down" for couple of days.. but it is still very much "healthy" and still operating like normal days.. so.. tell me.. H1N1 is the deadly one or the rumours? .. As compared.. rumors is so much more deadly as compared to deceases right? so.. if schools can be closed down and students should be quarantined at home.. thn.. can we "closed down" a more deadly "creatures" that have created H1N1 and also those deadly rumours? It is.. indeed impossible to do so right?

The bare truth is.. everything happened with a reason.. this H1N1.. is actually a normal sickness we experienced.. a normal fever, sore throat,flu.. dizziness.. yet.. it evolved and turn into something deadly enough to kill.. I wonder.. does it shows that.. we human have turn weaker by days and those virus becomes stronger by days or does it shows that it the process of creating a "better living place for human", we human have been too ignorant and created a better environment for the virus to spread?

If you look close enough.. we are reason for all these.. try to look back into those time where our parents were at our age.. they can go out even without any shoes.. running on the road without worrying kidnappers..they do not have as much worry as we are.. they don't have to worry about those crazy rapers..back at those days.. though they are not well educated.. not techno savvy.. they don't even have as much supplementary(vitamins) as we take daily.. yet, they don't have to worry as much as we do now adays right? so.. what actually went wrong ? Are we really the reason for all these that happened around us? You tell me..

Oh.. before I forget.. I actually heard one scary stuff from someone not along ago.. she told me that those calender makers.. they usually will make those yearly calenders before hand.. and they tried to produce calender of year 2013 but somehow .. they can't print it out.. not just one calender maker experienced this.. so.. what does tis show? some technical problems? or is it a sign? I duno.. and I'm not in any rights to say anything.. .

So.. back to this topic.. If you asked me.. which is the most deadly creatures.. deadly enough to kill? I will say without doubt.. we human are the scariest creature.. because we created all these because we are the one who started rumours right? ? are we in time to fix all these? Are we in time to be awaken and realised all these? you tell me...


  1. awesome entry! I had H1N1 too but it's really no big deal, really.. just normal flu and fever,etc. When I tell my friends I have H1N1, they step away from me. I mean, like.. "hey.. get your facts right ok.. just a flu lah"

  2. Tat's why la..tat's !! If you need to be quarantined.. thn there is necessary to quarantine every each one of us? because we also spread some deadly virus around (rumours) right?



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