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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Oh my goodness.. this makes me wonder.. am I smarter than a 10 years old in US? Are you smarter than a 10 years old kids regardless of how old you are?

Today I'm free enough to watch Astro Star World and watch this show.. and let me tell you.. after watching this show.. I'm super impressed with what those kids learn even at the age of 10! They have to know from US history to World history.. How old is the minimum age to be US senator? and president? Let's be frank.. I don even noe how old it is to be the senator of Malaysia until I studied Pengajian Am (form 6) and a 10 years old kid is expected to know these facts.. how can i not solute them ? I mean I learn all these facts and more about Malaysia when I was like.. 18 years old.. and they have to know all these at about 10..

This is one of the first that actually ARE SMARTER THN A 5TH GRADER!and is a SHE!! .. let's enjoy and see the wonder of getting the 1 million.. and the question asked.. I know well that I can't get this far.. at least not at this point of time.. if ever one day u guys managed to get this 1 million.. let me noe ok !! I will PERSONALLY thank you!!

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