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Monday, August 31, 2009

Mat Rempit Vs Merdeka

Merdeka.. BIG DEAL.. so big that those so called as those that are loyal to our country Malaysia HAVE TO SHOW how LOYAL they are by "rioting" on the street.. causes accidents and sound pollution to all those who live near by the roads.. this is the sign of merdeka to them.. ya.. they are very loyal.. if tis is the sign of "action louder than words". I guess no one will have a second say to it..

Try to imagine this la.. you are driving on the road.. and you see red light on the traffic light.. by law, you will stop and wait for your turn.. as you wait, you will hear a LOUD sign of non stop trouble (those with a modified motor cycle voice, obviously is a sign of trouble right?).. wat will you do? I was there.. and I actually can't believe tis is their sign of patriotic.. to me, it is more like a sign of stupidity? I mean.. come on.. the traffic light is red.. and everyone is waiting for their turn.. I know you are in a crowd of at least 10 or more motor cycle.. WAIT FOR YOUR TURN k! they actually think that with the flag on their small motor, they are hell of a great.. they can ignore all those ppl on the road and by making those loud motor noise, they can cont to ride.. and let me tell you.. I was on a T junction (4 traffic lights at 4 diff. directions) and they pass by the 4 places while I was waiting for the traffic light to turn green..

If this is a sign of patriotic.. wat is the use of police again? If tis is a sign of patriotic.. wat will those tourists think of Malaysia's educations? If this is so call a safe and fair place for we people to live in.. I wonder why the police let them continue to "operate" and we still get our "saman" when we park by a place for just a few min without a parking tickets? Oh.. talk about tickets.. I actually wonder.. I mean.. ya.. I know Malays are having their puasa.. but.. how come they don really get saman when they park even by the road side to go for those stalls or their night markets and causes all those jam on the roads near by.. and yet we still get saman on small matters?? I wonder why.. With our theme of the year.. One Malaysia : Rakyat diutamakan, pencapaian didahulukan..very much well said.. WELL SAID..


  1. MALAYsia ma. Bolehland. Apa pun boleh

  2. always refreshing to read a social-political entry from a girl's blog...

    hey...kellaw is your friend.

  3. Kellaw:.. you know best..I'm totally speechless..

    Zewt: Welcome to my blog's good to know that.. you somehow enjoy tis post of mine.. Ya.. I know Kellaw.. personally..

  4. malaysia ma.. say only.. no action.. lol.. i blogged about msia too on merdeka day.. =P

  5. Well.. somehow.. we have been living in tis kinda condition for.. let's say our whole life? and will there be any chance that things will change? let's just wait and see.. haha.. Ya.. I've visited your blog.. nice..

  6. yes, and kellaw has proclaimed his connection with you in my blog :P

  7. wuah sei zewt search till here and tell her. now she go all over your comments searching for my comments liao



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