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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tears.. when tis is mentioned.. most ppl will think of one cry because of sadness.. for my case.. yes.. I never cry because of happiness because.. and if one day.. I cried because of happiness.. my hope will be.. there will be people around me that I can share my happy tears with..

Let me tell u something : I wish to influence others with my smile.. and will keep my sadness to myself.. and will only let it go in the middle of the night.. when I'm all alone. this is How to define happiness? someone with a smile? yes and no.. in my case.. a smile will not define happy.. this mask of mine.. only those dear to me.. will sense something wrong.. other thn tat.. my mask will do well enough to cover my feelings..

At times, I' tired of this mask.. but without it.. I will feel insecure.. I've heard once that.. those that look strong.. there are actually much weaker thn those who look soft and weak.. maybe.. I'm really not as strong as I looked.. at times, I do admire those gal that can cry out loud.. because it seems that.. I do not have the privilege of doing so.. it seems like.. tears can only be seen in the middle of night when I can only feel no other thn myself..

The thing about tears is.. when you are still crying.. meaning.. you cared.. but if.. one day.. no more tears falling down ur cheek.. it means.. everything is over.. you have grow from sad to disappointed.. frm disappointment to.. give up??..

Found some songs related to tears.. this is one new version about tears..

溫嵐 - 眼淚知道

and this is one old song.. but really nice. try to listen to wat they think about tears?


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