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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

承诺不代表永远 , Promises ≠ forever

I came across this message the other day.. and it somehow touched my heart.. if only more people realised what is the actual meaning of promises.. If you know me well enough.. you will know that I don do much promises.. because I know promise is a strong word.. this is the chinese version.. and I will try to translate it in English .








男孩对女孩说: 你不美,但在我心中你永远最美! 如果有男生要追求你,我不会怎样,因为那时你的选择!如果你答应了,就证明你不再爱我了,就算我生气也没用!我不保证会爱你多久,不能说是一年,也不能说是十年,更不能说是永远!我可以给你的答案是:我会爱直到你不爱我的那一天!

女孩抱着男孩说:。。。 对不起。。。。


One day, while in the car, a gal ask her boy,

Gal : Am I pretty?

Boy: So so..

Gal : ....
Gal continue to ask: If it comes a day where there is another guy go after me, what will you do ?

Boy: I'll do nothing!

The gal start to get really angry.. thinking that the boy doesn't even love her!
The gal wanna asked him the last question in her mind : How long will you love me? 1 year? ten years? or forever?

The boy remain silent.. concentrating in his driving without answering her question.
She is heart broken, confirming that he don't love her any more.. He never promised her anything.. not before and not now.

The boy stopped his car aside, look into her eyes and tell her : You are not pretty, but in my heart, you will forever be the prettiest of all! If ever any guy go after you, I will do nothing, because it is your call! If you agreed, it will only mean that you don't love me anymore, hence, there is no use of me being angry! I cant promised you how long I'll love you.. not a year, not ten years and not even forever. What I can tell you is , I will love you until the day you don't love me anymore... !

The gal burst in tears.. regretting for not trusting him!
She hugged him and said.: ... I'm sorry..

The boy never promised her anything, not because he does not love her. He feared that he can't hold his promises.. making the gal experience even more pain.


This is a meaningful story.. at least i think so.. promises are meant to be hold.. and kept.. but most people promised for the sake of promise.. and not because they meant it.. which will bring more harm than happiness? To me, Promise is a strong word.. and so.. don't promise when you have no faith in keeping them.. promise when you mean it.. and keep your promises!!


  1. well i gotta agree dat dat promises are a big thing...however, lets say a guy cant make a promise to his gf n vice versa, an arguement might happen.... so i guess, due to this fact, many empty promises are made, particularly in rs la

  2. Finally I actually got ur comment.. thx alot !! ok.. wel.. sometimes a gal will hope guy to give them promises.. but the problem is.. most of the gal will actually hope a guy can giv promises that they are meant to kep right?



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