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Friday, July 10, 2009

Man Vs Female..

Well, all the good part of human being, I'm sure most of you have realised it.. and over and over again.. we are advised to look at one's beauty instead of the ugly side.. to avoid conflicts and stuff.. but the truth is, the more you tried to hide.. avoid discussing will not solve the problem.. will only make misunderstanding become a major issue in days to come.. right?

Like my previous post, I actually feel like discussing gender issues.. We female, maybe to some guys.. are that brilliant. We tend to be a little bit too "understanding", a little bit too "ok" with everything.. and a little bit too " able to give in"? Why makes me say so? ok.. imagine this.. you are married to someone which give birth to a child.. which are not that perfect and actually need your care for his entire life. Ok, I know this is hard enough d.. but this is a true story that the wife actually passed away when the kid is less than 7 years old. In other words, the husband has to take care of the kid for the rest of his life.. alone.. while working..this is a sad story.. ya.. i know.. but in this case.. while I was discussing with my mom and asked her, "do you think he will get married again?" (since he is still young, at his early 30 s') .. she looked at me.. and I got the answers d.. the truth is, if his son is normal, most probably ya.. because he is still young and kinda good looking. But, how many woman can stand to take care of a child for the rest of their life.. which is not her child ? .. another question pops up:" Will he really stay single just because of this child?" In years to come, it is really hard to predict..

If this situation had a turn.. meaning, the guy passed away leaving the female living and had to take care of the son for the rest of her life. The tendency of her staying single just to take care of this kid is higher than the male right? so, does this mean that, in general, I mean in general and no one in specific, females are more "generous, forgiving" than males?

Like what I've discussed in previous post, when a male had an affair, you will see the % of the wife trying to forgive the husband so much more than husband forgiving wife.. right? This does not show females are so much more stupid than man !! no !! we female are not dumb! the reason for doing so?Because most of them are generous at least much more than male.. However, I guess I'm not as generous as most female.. i can't stand betrayal.. not even a single lie.. so, please don't lie to me..If you refuse to tell me anything, just tell me, don't lie. I will not force if you are not comfortable with.. because I believe when you are ready to tell, you will tell even without asking, right ?

So, you tell me, female are more generous than male? maybe not that much.. but as compared, female are bit more generous to male ?


  1. hey,u r jus faster than me..i was abt to blog my opinion on tis matter too...

    i tink tis is an on going argument which nvr will end cos the world jus dont tink like us..=)

    btw, my log link is check it out k...

  2. Oh really? Well, we can always share the same topic.. and discuss over it.. but it is no fun if no guy actually willing to correct me or stand up for their on kind right? but the truth is.. somehow.. like tat right?

  3. actually i argue tat alot of times wit my mum...ppl at my mum's gen alwiz tinks like tat & put restriction things tat gals can do n cant do..n i normally hates tat...

    its nt onli tat, i guess most ppl in d world do tink tat way..but oh well, every1 is subject to their own for me, gal & boy r equal!=)

  4. Well.. like wat u mentioned.. it is highly subjective.. but.. most of the time.. it is not to the advantage of girls..the world is changing.. we female used to be the weak one because we choose to be.. by relying on the guys to support us.. but look at the world now.. we can stand on our own feet.. and can still live strong with or without anyone by our side.. right? so.. are we really that weak ? if we choose not to be.. i guess.. we won't really be as weak as wat 's expected.. right?



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