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Friday, July 17, 2009

方炯鑌(阿鑌) - 壞人

First sighted love.. this is the only words I can described when I first heard this song, " Bad guy".. I like a song for many reason.. but most of all.. It sang out my thoughts.. my feeling.. and so.. it can tell my story well..

This is a story about a guy that loved a gal very much.. but he had to let her go to find her happiness.. because clearly, it is not with him. In order to let her go, he had to be the bad guy. In life, there are tones of stuff that are out of our control.. we can't decide who to be..but we can decide wat we can do. We can never change people's perception towards things..but we know clearly wat we are doing might not be wat they see it to be. Just like this story, he had to be mean to let her giv up on him. To her, he is no doubt the bad guy! But, from wat I see, he is the good guy that willing to hurt himself to see her happy in days to come. Good or bad? happy or sad.. it is more of a self- perception.. don't judge a person's act because of wat u think he is... Agreed?

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