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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

林俊杰 - 大男人小女孩 & 會有那麼一天

JJ, one of my favorite artist.. he can really sing.. and I love his voice.. just that.. well, I still prefer his old songs compared to his new songs.. These 2 songs I used to love alot.. and it is not really sad least I think so..

This first song, it is about a "big guy & small girl".. "big guy" as in.. well, most of the guys.. will think what ever they said are always right.. and do not want to admit they are wrong.. always want to be in charge of everything.. this is the guy he tried to describe in his song.. and the girl that will always have to be understanding.. but all she needs is to be understood too.. to be loved and cared for.. listen to the song.. and you will know.. are you the "big guy" or the "small girl"?


This second song.. " This day will come", is actually the first song that introduced JJ to me.. It is really a sweet song.. about the world war that separated this old man (granddad) from hid beloved one (grandma )when they are still young.. before he leave for the war.. he give her a kiss and told her " I'm leaving but don't be cry.. don be sad and please believed in me, wait for my love which will accompany you forever, because the day will come where we will hold hands together and walk on this field.. listen to the birds singing.. and listen to me saying I love you all over again.. ".. If this is really real.. this shows how strong love can be.. how sweet love will bring joy to ones life.. and by listen to this song.. it might just make u believe all these..

林俊傑 - 會有那麼一天

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