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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Music and I..

Yes.. this is the question pops up when I was chatting with my friend the other day.. we used to studied in the same class for about 2 years when we were in form 6.. the funny thing is.. I was always the quiet one.. hardly even talk.. and we hardly know each other.. until we finished form 6.. then only we get to know each other closer.. I never know he is good with piano.. and he even joined a band in USM.. and the Neng that I remembered.. a funny guy.. and always tease me.. and a smart guy too..have always been a great fren.. someone you can rely on when you need a fren..

The funny part is.. just like me.. we have lost touched with our form 6 friend.. that is why I actually hesitated whether to join the "gathering" at Teng's house the other day.. because I hardly even contacted them after our form 6.. we are in totally different life now.. I'm in business field.. and others.. most of them are in engineering course. half way through now.. Well, at times of life.. I will certainly miss Jas Min alot.. and also .. Siow Wei.. who sit right beside me.. I don't tlak much .. but I know they are those that I can rely on when I needed s hand to help me out.. I was never the smart one in the class..and they are those that will help me out when I almost give up.. but we are so far apart now.. my hope.. we will still keep in touch.. although once in a blue moon.. that is good enough for me.. at he very least.. i will know that.. I'm remembered..

My form 6 life.. is really a tough journey..but I'm really glad i walk through that.. with my heads up.. at least when I look back now.. I have no regret.. I get to know some great frens.. and while I was struggling to walk through the path.. musics is always there to accompany me.. I can't imagine myself without music.. yes.. as what I told Neng.. every music has its story.. that is why.. at times when I listen to music.. tears will starts to roll down.. "I feel music".. that's what Neng told me.. and I told him.. every music has its story.. you will just have to find the music that tell your story.. and you will experience what I'm experiencing..I feel music.. because they are telling my story..and that is why I always post some nice music here..

Neng managed to find himself when he is with music.. when he is with his band.. that is his home.. where he belong to music.. and what is my hobby? I guess I managed to find myself.. when I'm here.. blogging.. expressing myself.. even though I know not many will visit my blog.. but I still continue.. with the hope that.. I will continue to get supports from all of you.. but as what Neng told me.. " you will do best when you are doing what you like ".. well.. maybe.. ya.. maybe no.. but at the very least.. I found myself when I'm here.. where are you now? I hope you are not lost.. and will managed to find a place.. where you can find yourself..


  1. haha....i know Neng since primary i know he can play piano. coz i remembered once when the teacher asked who can play piano well and he raise up his hand...haha. but if i am not wrong he is more to organ..

  2. oh.. really? ok.. I neve know all these until yesterday when I was chatting with him..but i know u can play guitar and piano too right?

  3. Now only I get to read ur blog.. USM line is kinda sucky!
    Hmm here in USM besides studying to death I spend more time with my band...
    In da band I major in keyboard and jazz drums. And I play electric guitar as secondary.
    Jamming helps relieve some stress, it really does!



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