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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy birthday !

Yes.. Happy birthday.. but not to me.. to my beloved sister, Hui Sin. Today is her day.. but sadly.. she is not with me.. not currently in Melaka as she is stuck in Shah Alam.. but I'm as her "caring and understanding" sister.. as usual, I will be the reminder of my whole family this important day of hers..

I understand how it felt to be alone.. to be this someone that people can hardly recall and for people to forget some important days that you hope people will remembered because they want to remember.So, I will have to try my best to make sure this horrible feeling will not hunt her..

Well.. I don really think you will visit my blog.. but if you ever do.. I want you to know.. though we are not around you on this special day, I hope you will still feel warm with our wishes.. Happy 19th Birthday !!

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