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Friday, July 3, 2009

Bukit Beruang Night Market (Pasar Malam on Wednesday)

Sorry guys for not updating my blog.. I was kinda busy.. busy watching series.. haha..but you know what.. since some of you not really a big fans of "Melaka", I actually intended to introduce Melaka Night Market to all of you..

Well, the first thing that cross my mind was.. FOODS!! haha.. well, I know, unlike KL's night market.. I went there few times, I can hardly walk.. but in Melaka, you are rest assure that you can really have most of the space to walk. In fact, if you want to dance in the middle of the road.. be my guess.. I actually doubt you will have much problem. No no.. I'm not saying that no one actually go for the night market, and in fact, lots of MMU students go there dating and stuff.. but that is not the point of this post.

I actually feel like I have to let you guys know the nice stuff when you are go for this night market. I have even captured some photos of the "special" foods that you actually have to wait for your turn. At times, when you are in "bad luck" you have to wait for about half an hour to get the food you want.

Ok.. cut the story and get to the point. The first food is "Jeli Madu Ai Yee" that was once really "famous" and somehow a must buy when you come to night market. It actually cost RM1.50

And right beside this stall.. is a "forever" famous pop corn stall. I remembered once.. I actually have to wait for more than half an hour for this pop corn. How special is this pop corn ? for a start, it cost me Rm1 for a pack.. and it is sweet.. and actually taste nice.. the most part of the story.. well.. when a stall is full of poeple.. it speaks for itself.. and you just have to taste for youself to judge it right?

Well, not very far away from this stall, there is this "chicken chop" that I found in KL first before I found it here in Melaka. Well, I would say that.. it is not really that cheap. It will cost around RM5.50 for one I think .. but you know what.. the smell of it when they are frying it.. makes you feel that you just have to taste it... if you were there.. you will know what I meant.

Somewhere opposite this stall, you will find this "pair" of people selling this special cakes.. yes.. I meant it when I said special because .. well, there are few types of cakes. You can even see kiwi cake which.. is one of my favourate when I'm out to this night market, accompanying my mom. It cost about RM6.50 if i'm not mistaken.
A must buy when I visited this night market are the following

This is Penang Laksa and the photo on the right is rojak. This penang laksa actually cost me RM3.20 and this rojak cost me RM3.. but well.. It worth my money.. because .. I actually enjoyed eating them.. Talk about Penang Laksa.. I actually remembered this someone promised or at least to bring me one from Penang.. but.. I guess I will have to wait.. until when ? hahaha.. that is not an answer for me. Well, I actually have to wait for more than half an hour for these foods. Ya.. I know.. this rojak don't really look delicious.. but trust me.. it actually taste really really good ans that is why when people buy.. usually they will buy more than 1 pack.

While I was hunting for foods, I came across this drink Honey Drew Sago which actually taste kind of ok .. and it cost me around RM 1.80. Ya.. I know.. for KL.. this is cheap.. but when you are in Melaka.. this is not in the really cheap category. I managed to capture a clear picture of it..

Last but not least, the photo of how this night market looks like when it is at night..

Do you have any other thoughts of this night market or any other night market you've been to ?? Well, do post some comments if you do..

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